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This FRONTLINE documentary investigates UNSCOM, the UN weapons inspection mission which has fought to uncover and destroy Saddam Hussein's secret weapons, despite enormous obstacles presented by Iraq and by the politics and conflicting agendas of Washington and the UN Security Council . Scott Ritter, a chief UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq, charges the CIA infiltrated and compromised the UNSCOM mission and  the Clinton  administration and UN Security  Council  failed to support the United Nations weapons inspectors
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Spying on Saddam

In the wake of Desert Fox, the U.S. assault on Iraq last December,UNSCOM--the special UN commission created to find and destroy Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction--has disintegrated amid charges it was really a spy agency. Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine and UNSCOM inspector, claims U.S. Intelligence destroyed UNSCOM's credibility when American spies penetrated and compromised the UN arms inspection teams. FRONTLINE investigates Ritter's charges and asks, who really killed UNSCOM?

published april 1999