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Juarez Cartel Tijuana Cartel/Arellano Felix Organization The Gulf Cartel

Most powerful drug baron
General Rebollo was on his payroll

The most violent and aggressive of Mexican cartels.

Calderoni on its payroll.
Raul Salinas and Massieu suspected of ties to it.
salinas clan
Adriana Salinas Yanez Raul Salinas Carols Salinas

Sister and Defender of Raul and Carlos

Ex-Presidents brother, charged with masterminding Pepe Ruiz Massieu's murder and for 'elicit enrichment.' Millions in his foreign accounts now tied to drug traffic.

Mexican President from 1988-94. Currently in exile in Cuba.
Adriana Salinas Yanez Raul Salinas

Adriana Salinas' ex-husband and a PRI official assassinated in '94

Raul's wife, arrested for trying to access one of his Swiss safe deposit boxes.

Mario Ruiz Massieu Mario Ruiz Massieu

Former Attorney General Accused of Selling Protection to drug lords

Former Attorney General Accused of Selling Protection to drug lords
General Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo Carlos & Jorge Hank Rohn Gonzales

Director of Mexico's DEA. Arrested on charges of working with Amado Carillo

Sons of Hank Gonzales; investigated for money laundering. Suspected of drug cartel ties.
Gonzales Calderoni Guillermo Carlos Peralta

Subdirector of mexican PJF; and informer for DEA/FBI. On payroll of Gulf Cartel.

His cell phone business bought under Salinas turned into a $1B deal. Gave Raul Salinas $50M.

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