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emi group
Like the Warner Music Group, EMI is not owned by a larger media conglomerate. The London-based business has a foothold in several aspects of the music industry, from labels to distribution, manufacturing, studios, and the Internet. Its recorded music division oversees 1000+ artists, and its music publishing branch owns the rights to over a million songs, making it the world's largest catalog. Sales for 2003 were $3.42 billion, down from $3.8 billion in 2000.

relevant holdings
EMI Music Publishing

MusicNet, online music distribution platform for partners like America Online (joint venture with BMG, Warner Music Group and Sony)

notable artists
Beastie Boys (Capitol)
Sarah Hudson (S-Curve)
Janet Jackson (Virgin)
Norah Jones (Blue Note)
Rolling Stones (Virgin)
Snoop Dogg (Priority)

emi group
labels include (united states)
Angel Records
Back Porch Records
Blue Note Records
Capitol Records Nashville
Capitol Records US
Capitol Studios
Caroline Distribution
Caroline Records
Chordant Distribution Group
EMI Latin
EMI Music Publishing Nashville
Forefront Records
Higher Octave Music
Positiva Records
Priority Records
Real World US
S-Curve Records
Shak Tire Records
Sparrow Records
Virgin Records America


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posted may 27, 2004

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