Letter to Navy Times, May 20, 1996

(Reposted with the permission of Navy Times. All rights reserved.)

"CNO Should Resign"

Somehow, the United States Navy has gone aground. The ship of state hit a reef called Tailhook several years ago.

Incredibly, salvage vessels never arrived to claim the hull. Coverup, deception, character assassination and a lack of integrity are rampant at senior levels. Recently, when former Navy Secretary Jim Webb pointed out that it was his belief that the admirals had let their men down, he was accosted by Mr. Dan Howard in an ugly scene before the Brigade of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy.

There is only one way out of this predicament. The chief of naval operations needs to put his stars on the table and resign.

The chief of naval operations is the chief executive officer of the Navy. Without the admiration or at least respect of his corporate board, the other admirals, he cannot command. Adm. Mike Boorda has not only lost the respect of his admirals, however. Now every officer from four star to the newest midshipman at the academy has no respect for the man at the top of their organization. As a result, good people are leaving the service in droves.

Behind his back, admirals often refer to the CNO as "Little Mikey Boorda." Do you think this is a respectful endearment? No, it is spoken with disdain. Do you think the people at Chrysler referred to Lee Iaccoca as "Little Lee?"

CNO: they are not behind you. You are not their leader. Go home immediately -- for the sake of the Navy you love.

Name Withheld

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