Party Favors

I survived the third floor
With regards to T-shirts and other Tailhook items, the DOD Inspector General report noted:
"The shirts, as well as demeaning posters and lapel pins, expressed the attitude held by some male attendees that women were at Tailhook to 'serve' the male attendees and that women were not welcome within naval aviation."
Women are property The photos shown here display typical T-shirts seen at Tailhook '91, ("I survived the third floor" and "Women are property".
The DOD report noted two other slogans at Tailhook: "He-Man Women-Haters' Club" and "If You Got 'Em, Hang 'Em" a reference to the practice of ballwalking.
A-6 aviators produced this invitation and distributed copies to local colleges and throughout the hotel area.
Tailhook Invitation

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