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judge knox v. jenkins, jr.

photo of jenkins The presiding judge in Terence Garner's trial, he discusses the significance of the victims' eyewitness testimony, the reasons he disallowed an expert on eyewitness indentification to testify at the trial, the unprofessional actions of Wayne County officers, and he explains why he has no second thoughts about the outcome of the Garner case.

District Attorney Tom Lock

photo of lock Lock, the Johnson County district attorney, prosecuted the Garner case. In this interview, he talks about Keith Riddick's plea agreement and trial testimony, why Deloach's confession "didn't hold water," and why another trial for Garner isn't warranted.

Mark Montgomery

photo of montgomery Garner's appellate attorney, he practices law at Miles & Montgomery in Durham, N.C. Here, he discusses what bothered him most about this case, the Court of Appeals' decision to reject a new trial, the options left for Garner, and the racial aspects of the case that make it look "bad."

Richard Rosen

photo of rosen A professor of law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rosen has followed the Garner case from the beginning and has been consulting with Garner's appellate attorney, Mark Montgomery. He discusses why the evidence indicates Garner is innocent and outlines some of the troubling elements in the investigation, the trial, and Terrance Deloach's confession and subsequent recantation.

Anne Saker

photo of saker A reporter for the Raleigh News & Observer, she was assigned the Garner story six weeks after Garner was convicted. She talks about the "peculiar" aspects of the case, and the many ways it appeared to go wrong, either inadvertently or not.

Alice Wise

photo of wise She was shot twice, in the chest and in the head, during the robbery of the Quality Finance Company in Johnston County, N.C., in April 1997. She lost her left eye. Her trial testimony that Terence Garner was the shooter was a central factor in his conviction.

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