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The Wall Street Journal - Barbara D. Phillips

"...A far more balanced view of a controversial subject is this FRONTLINE two-parter. It weighs the promise that cross-species transplants - specifically the use of the cells, tissues and organs of pigs genetically altered with human DNA - hold for desperately ill men and women against the dangers that a pig virus, introduced into humans, could pose to the general population of heretofore healthy people. We meet human beneficiaries of these experimental treatments, pigs raised in airlocked isolation, animal-rights activists, and scientists who put the risks and benefits in thought-provoking perspective..."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Joanne Weintraub

"...The loaded subject of cross-species transplantation is addressed in 'Organ Farm'...This even-handed program lays out the arguments between ethicists and animal rights activists on the one hand and, on the other, doctors and patients who already have begun to see the benefits from this research..."

St. Louis Post Dispatch - Gail Pennington

"...FRONTLINE begins a two-part investigation called 'Organ Farm', which looks at experiments - many of them secret - in using pig cells, tissue and genetically modified organs to help humans. It's fascinating, although not always easy to watch..."

Chicago Tribune - Allan Johnson

"...PBS's FRONTLINE has two whole episodes on pigs being grown and harvested for human transplants -- and offers both sides on why it is and isn't such a keen idea."

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