shattered dreams shattered dreams of peace - the road from oslo: In the summer of 2000, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were on the brink of reaching a historic Mideast peace agreement that could end 100 years of conflict. Two years later, violence rages. What went wrong?
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The tortuous path from Oslo to Wye to Camp David to the present crisis, with analyses of the achievements, the setbacks, and how peace has eluded history's grasp.

Underlying the passions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are fundamentally opposed and competing versions of history and reality. Excerpts from the book by journalist Eric Black.

A chronology of key events from 1993 to 2002, in which the peace process was constantly threatened, and ultimately undone, by the dynamics of politics and violence.

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How bleak is the future? Can the peace process be restarted?

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Shattered Dreams

In the Summer of 2000, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were on the brink of reaching a peace agreement. After years of negotiation, both sides seemed ready to move forwardnever before had the dream of peace seemed so close. Within weeks, however, the window of opportunity had closed and the peace process had collapsed. What went wrong? As the Middle East continues to erupt in violence between Israelis and Palestinians, FRONTLINE examines the faltering, frustrating quest for peace. Beginning with the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, this two-hour documentary traces the ongoing peace process through years of negotiations and up through the chaotic events now unfolding. With never-before-seen footage of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and interviews with key figures on both sides of the bargaining table, "Shattered Dreams" gives viewers unprecedented access to the decision making process on which the fate of millions depends.

published june 2002