the siege of bethlehem
Inside the secret negotiations, strategies and maneuvers between Israelis and Palestinians during the deadly 38-day standoff at the Church of the Nativity
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chronology of the siege

A day by day account of the confrontation.

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The Siege of Bethlehem

On April 2, as Israeli tanks rolled into Bethlehem, some 200 Palestinians - many of them armed - stormed into the fabled Church of the Nativity. They remained there for 39 days, as the standoff between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants at one of the world's most revered holy sites kept the world transfixed. In "The Seige of Bethlehem," FRONTLINE takes viewers inside the siege at the Church of the Nativity. With unprecedented inside access to key figures on both sides of the standoff, FRONTLINE reveals the secret negotiations, strategies, gambits, and maneuvers employed throughout the siege, as the combatants sought to maintain the delicate balance between diplomatic persuasion and military might.

published june 2002




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