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Media Sites

The Dallas Morning News

"JFK-Dallas, November 22, 1963" is a site sponsored by TDMN. The paper's news articles, interviews, photographs and WFAA-TV footage is made available in order to "put the story in its proper historical context."

The Houston Chronicle

The newspaper provides a good rundown of all the conspiracy theories and compiles (sometimes inaccurate) news articles on the assassination and the characters whose life intersected with that historical moment.

Texas Monthly

The magazine's 1998 special issue on the JFK assassination. From its archives, the magazine offers its stories on the assassination and its interviews with witnesses and makes an effort to explain all of the various conspiracies.

US News and World Report

The newsmagazine's 11/24/03 issue includes an exclusive book excerpt, which relates how journalists remember November 22, 1963. Also included on this site are audio clips from the day Kennedy was shot, accounts of JFK's final hours, and a blow by blow of the apprehending of Lee Harvey Oswald.

General Research and Resources

The Assassinations Archives and Research Center

This is the major online collection on the Kennedy assassination. It offers 35,000 pages of reports and documents including the 1964 Warren Commission investigation, with all 26 volumes of the hearings, exhibits and the final report which concluded that Oswald had acted alone. Also on this site is the 1978-79 House Select Committee on Assassinations's appendices and its final report which concluded that Oswald was only one of two gunmen that day.

The National Archives and Records Administration

This is the NARA's JFK Assassination page. Explore its online House Select Committee on Assassinations Report.

The National Security Archive

The archive, created by scholars and journalists, holds more than two million pages of material, from over 200 separate collections, obtained through the freedom of information

The Academic JFK Assassination Site

Kenneth A. Rahn at the University of Rhode Island has posted here on his web site the whole collection of his course's reading, "Understanding the Assassination with Principles of Evidence, Critical Thinking and Physical Science"

The Sixth Floor Museum

The sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dealey Plaza has become a museum dedicated to the JFK assassination.

The JFK Library

The library contains audio and transcripts of many Kennedy speeches and debates.

The Kennedy Assassination

John McAdams' web site, a leading "lone gunman" site, takes on the question of whether the murder of President Kennedy was part of a larger conspiracy.

The City of Dallas, John F. Kennedy Collection

The city has collected on this site all city documents relating to the Kennedy assassination.

The JFK Lancer

A web site which is a resource for those who want to order assassination related documents and materials. It is a prominent publisher of assassination researcher's work.

Witness and Testimony

A comprehensive list of transcribed testimony and an alphabetical collection of depositions of the 216 witnesses of the assassination of JFK.

Photos and Video

The Zapruder Film

The "Nook of Eclectic Inquiry" web site has made available for general research frames 150 through 325 of the famous Zapruder film. And Micheal Griffith streams the Zapruder film on his web page of photo, films and sounds of the JFK assassination.

For information on the debate over whether there was a conspiracy to tamper with the Zapruder film, this site has a listing of articles and resources.

American Presidents: Life Portraits

Go here to view (Real Video) Kennedy's inauguration speech, the Nixon-Kennedy debate, a tv ad from the Kennedy campaign, Kennedy's speech after the Bay of Pigs invasion, and much more.

Oswald's Life and Times

Photographs of Oswald's life and times are posted here on the web site of W. Tracy Parnell. Another site by John McAdams provides related pictures of many of the writers, investigators, witnesses, suspects, politicians, and other characters whose lives became part of the assassination and/or its aftermath.

Dallas Morning News November 22, 1963

For day-of-the-assassination photographs, go here to the 40th anniversary site of the newspaper. Also view a slideshow of historical images taken that day and a gallery entitled "Dallas Then and Now."

Texas Monthly's Dallas Tour

The magazine here offers an annotated tour of the landmarks in Dallas relevant to the assassination. For a more conspiracy-oriented tour, follow an assassinations buff on his first trip to Dallas. Or visit a "virtual visit" of Dealey Plaza.

The Kennedy Presidency

TIME magazine has published some unseen Kennedy photographs by Jack Lowe who was invited into the inner circle and helped shape the Camelot mythology.

The History Channel Photos

It has produced a photo gallery on Kennedy's presidency and assorted footage, including the televised debates with Nixon.

The JFK Library Online

Collected here are photographs of the Kennedy White House years.

History Place

A web site which offers images from Kennedy's youth to his days as a war hero and politician.


The Houston Chronicle's Timeline
An Associated Press Chronology
Texas Monthly's Day-Of-Assassination Timeline
W. Tracy Parnell's Chronology of Oswald's Life
John McAdams' Chronology of Oswald's Life

Assassination Research Community

The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Page by W. Tracy Parnell

Parnell, on the lone assassin side of the debate, is known for debunking the theory of "two Oswalds." The site features information about the assassination, including articles, documents, a chronology and a bibliography.

The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage

Ralph Schuster is a German based researcher. He runs one of the more popular conspiracy websites (which includes a handy set of Frequently Asked Questions and gives a list of all the convenient/coincidental deaths. There is also a complete, downloadable Warren Report.

History Matters

Aside from the immense haul of primary source documents, Rex Bradford's site has published and linked a considerable number of essays on various aspects of the assassination.

The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry by John Masland

An assassination researcher's substantial archive of material in databases, soundbites, video, and government reports.

Assassination Research Materials

Clint Bradford's site has a fine collection of files covering many aspects of the assassination.

The Jim Garrison Case

The New Orleans district attorney was the hero of Oliver Stone's movie, JFK, and remains a controversial figure in assassination conspiracy theories. This site is a popular resource for research into the Garrison investigation. Also explore Joe Biles' site on Jim Garrison.

Real History Archives

Lisa Pease, cited as a more extreme member of the research community, believes that there lies a vast conspiracy and cover up in the murder of President Kennedy. In the same camp, is the web site for Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination.

John F. Kennedy Assassination Information Center

Explore the section of Mike Russ' site called "Assassination Topics" which addresses the authenticity of the backyard photos, the medical evidence, fingerprint evidence and witness testimony and evaluates the criticism of Gerald Posner's book Case Closed and the possible motivations of Posner's critics.

The Kennedy Assassination for the Novice

E.C.Dorsch, Jr. is a champion of grassy knoll theorist Donald B. Thomas' recent acoustics study that concludes there was a fourth shot from the grassy knoll. The website offers an array of articles, soundbites, video, photographs and documents.

Fair Play

John Kelin's Kennedy assassination e-zine collects of range of conspiracy theory readings.

The Ten Wackiest Kennedy Assassination Theories

Rune Hanson's jab at the assassination research community. Click on "The Theories" section.

The Assassination Web

A substantial portion of this site is dedicated to taking shots at the conspiracy community's bête noir Gerald Posner and his book Case Closed.

JFK Assassination Web Page

Michael T. Griffith puts together a long list of articles and readings, audio and video, all from a conspiracy point of view.

Reviews of Assassination Books

One assassination buff's site which reviews over three dozen assassination conspiracy books.

"All Inclusive Assassination Sites"

A web page offering links to more assassination researchers' sites.


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