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Los Angeles Times Scott Sandell

"... The trials and tribulations of senior citizens serve as a launching point for a larger discussion tonight of how the pharmaceutical industry works, from the perspectives of its leaders and critics alike. Though the hourlong show often skews toward the consumer advocates' position (it's couched as exploring 'a war between a $200-billion industry ... and the rest of us'), both sides receive ample time to state their cases.

"'The Other Drug War' provides a nice primer on everything from Medicare to why drugs costs so much. It features a lively debate of how price controls might reduce companies' willingness to spend on research and development for innovative medications. And it examines the efforts of states such as Maine and Oregon to regulate prices in the absence of federal action.

"What isn't addressed is the mind-set that the cure for every malady seemingly lies in a pill or potion -- whether over-the-counter, brand-name or generic prescription. Then again, maybe that's the other other drug war."


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posted june 19, 2003

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