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Notes on the Making of 'Pop' Joel Meyerowitz looks back on making this film--what first inspired him to do it, what he learned along the way about his father's irrepressible spirit, and how the experience has affected him.

'This American Life' - Defying Sickness (Real Audio) This radio report offers approximately 30 minutes of audio excerpts from the documentary "Pop," along with narrative by filmmaker Joel Meyerowitz. Meyerowitz discusses the road trip he filmed with his father, his dad's struggle with Alzheimer's, and memories of his dad as a young father and husband. [Note: the piece begins 12 minutes into the program.] "This American Life" is produced by WBEZ in Chicago.

'The Connection' - Interview with Filmmaker Joel Meyerowitz  (Real Audio) Radio program host Christopher Lydon talks with Meyerowitz about his film portrait of his father and takes the radio audience's called-in questions. "The Connection" is produced by Boston's WBUR-FM. This clip requires RealPlayer g2.

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