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Chicago Tribune Steve Johnson

"The report is disturbing, to say the least. Consumers assume FDA approval is a reliable certification of safety, but 'Frontline' raises questions about the FDA's front-end vigilance and back-end follow-up capacity and will and about drug companies' willingness to manipulate or overlook data for the sake of marketing imperatives. ... This is fascinating, scary and important information."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Melanie McFarland

"'Frontline's' 'Dangerous Prescription'...shows that those supposedly laughable [drug] warnings are no joke. But the changing standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Drug Safety might be. ...

'Dangerous Prescription' is the kind of program that proves again why 'Frontline' is an essential part of a news consumer's diet. It's smart medicine for television viewers aching for a dose of substance."

Wall Street Journal Dorothy Rabinowitz

"'Dangerous Prescription'... provides a devastating view of the dangers posed by new, undertested drugs that now reach the public as a result of increasingly lax oversight by the FDA. ... Here's a compelling hour, filled with testimony about agency staff members supposedly concerned with overseeing drug safety, choosing to ignore or dismiss evidence of a drug's dangers -- and about the others cowed in silence. No little drama, here, much of it unnerving."


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posted november 13, 2003

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