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A reporter's journey through the center of the Arab world in search of the complex truth surrounding the...Death of a Princess

It was perhaps the most controversial film in the history of public television -- the story of a young Saudi princess who was publicly executed for committing adultery. On the 25th anniversary of this May 1980 broadcast, FRONTLINE presents a new edition of this landmark film, a dramatized documentary based on the reporting of journalist Antony Thomas.

Note: This film cannot be video streamed because Internet rights are not available.

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a talk with journalist antony thomas

His memories of making the film, what he came to know about the young princess herself, and why her story deeply stirred people in the Arab world.

reflecting on princess 25 years later

What has or hasn't changed concerning the lives of Saudi women? And what exactly was behind the protests and outrage in 1980?


An Arab journalist, a Saudi activist, an expert on Arab women's progress and a former U.S. ambassador.

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posted april 19, 2005

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