Valentina After FRONTLINE's April 1997 broadcast of "Valentina's Nightmare" Dr. Jeff Colyer called to say that he was the American doctor who operated on Valentina in Rwanda in 1994 and that he had been trying to find her for two years: "When I wake up with my nightmares of Rwanda, Valentina's is one of three faces I see. There was something very special about her."

For several years Dr. Colyer has been a volunteer with the International Medical Corps which goes into war zones to help the injured.

The Investigations

Investigations into the slaughter at Nyarubuye continue. It has been determined that 36 people took part in the massacre. They came to the church in cars and the killings occurred between April 7 and April 19, 1994.

Of the 36 alleged killers, 28 are in custody, 3 are dead and the ringleader, Celestine Gachumbitsi,the former mayor of Nyarubuye, is in a military camp in Tanzania. Officials are trying to extradite him.

In Rwanda, April 5 has been declared a national day of commemoration of the 1994 genocide.

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