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haroun fazul
letter to omar mohamed fadhul: Harun Abdallah Fazul's letter from Afghanistan to his brother Omar Mohamed Fadhul

Ed. Note: the letter is undated. It was sent after 1991 and received by Omar on his return to the Comoros in 1995. The letter is written on both sides of a sheet of paper: the first page and a half is written in the Comoran language using Arabic script; the last half page is written in French

[In Comoran]

Good day to you and the benediction of God. I do not have many things to tell you except that you should remember to pray and celebrate Ramadan. I know that you, thank God, are not one of those who is that interested in life's pleasures. I advise you no longer to approach the girls of (illegible) who drive believers mad.

I give you these people. And me, know that the path I sent you on is the right path, not the wrong one. And those people, be wary of them because they are neither close to you nor your brothers of the same religion as you, but they claim to be muslims when in the bottom of their hearts they hide satanism and infidelity. And me, when I will have come back to the Comoros, I will have killed them; they are destroying religion. The first "Mustoifa Said Cheikh", he is not one of (illegible), he is a "(socialist communist"), someone who definitely does not believe in God. Only to the extent that he wants power does he behave like a good muslim. And you know his history, that is to say that he sent ANWAR to go and kill SOIDIKI, the teacher. Why? Because Soidiki wants to make Islam strong. The second person is Mr Mohamed Ali Mbalia (PASOCO). Beware of him too. He is very dangerous and we know what he is planning to do towards Islam when he gets to power. (communist.) The third person: STING (teacher), he has already shown his true colors. The fourth person: MTARA MAECHA, he is dangerous because he is well placed in power and he, MTARA capitalist, is planning to come to Pakistan ever since there have been lies in Afghanistan about (illegible) ..... (illegible) know that I came to Afghanistan. And the advice that I give you with regard to what you're about to do after Ibrahim has read the letter in its entirety with Mother and Omar, you will also find my sisters who are in the Comoros and will read to them my advice, but do not ever mention the word `Afghanistan' in their presence.

If they ask you if Abdallah (translator's note: Harun is referring to himself) is studying, tell them that he is studying in Karachi. Because it is totally normal in the face of God to lie - it is for the good of muslims.

I want to inform you that I spent two months in military bases; I learned how to use armoured cars and heavy weapons - Russian, not American. After I went to another place where I learnt how to handle an automatic pistol (Peyat). I became a member of their group (literally: `I got confirmed with them')

[In French]

Dear Omar, I've done two months in a military base (mujahedin) on heavy weapons (bazookas) for planes and with smaller arms for urban warfare Russian, Israeli arms and another two months on explosives (how to blow up buildings, houses, palaces & etc), then I studied pistols (you fire when you are in a car, learning how you kill a president in full view while he's with his bodyguards. All that stuff I learned. Don't worry. Then I studied topography. That is for the bazookas, if you want to fire on airplanes or boats. The things I learned in the army, the Comoran army and even the police force don't learn. I learned how to plan terrorist acts; I learned how to use a walky-talky etc. Don't tell anyone about all of this.

[In Comoran]

Good bye and you have God's blessing

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