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September 13, 1995



"I recommend four flights of television..."

1. ranked in priority --

1. current flight on budget now-Nov 15 $10 mil, all party
2. post primary flight, negs on repubs $15 mil, all camp
3. primary flight, defend agasint attacks, $15 mil, $12 mil party, $3 mil camp
4. Nov 15- Jan 15, claim credit, $10 mil, all party

2. Now -November 15 (second priority)

a. attack Republican education, medicare, medicaid cuts; promote Clinton's balanced budget plan
b. $10 million pay for it entirely with DNC money

1. swing states
2. Moderate Republican Senator States

c. do it through state parties so only need 40% hard money

3. November 15 - January 15 (fourth--lowest -- priority)

a. recite achievements: budget, welfare, tax cut, crime, etc.
b. $10 mil -- all through DNC/state parties

1. swing states

4. January 15-April 15 (third priority)

a. answers to Republican primary attacks on us
b. $15 million - run in primary states which are also swing states for us
c. Need to work to make it state parties/DNC

1. create relationship to current legislation
2.defend more Dems than Clinton; attack more republicans than Dole
3. run in non primary states as well
4. run in some areas well before primary
d. Ultimately, likely about $3 mil out of campaign and $12 mil out of party

5. Post primary April 15-Convention (second priority)

a. attack Republican nominee
b. all campaign or 441 DNC
c. swing states - $15 million

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