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September 7, 1995


Key Questions

1. Can campaign hold down other spending to allow it to spend additional $17 mil ($120 mil total) on ads?

a. with no primary fight, why not?
b. travel more on official business

2. Can we raise an additional $33 mil for DNC

a. In addition to about $20 mil we have to raise for them already to meet their budget
b. total to raise for DNC=$50 mil
c. less about $5-$10 mil through better direct mail targeting using Penn's data
d. equals net of about $40-$45 mil to raise
e. almost all soft money (enough mail to cover hard proportion)
f. If we could raise $20-$24 million in six months at $1000 caps, why can't we raise $45 mil in 12 months with no cap??

3. Can we stop DNC from spending the money on things other than our ads?

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