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Gideon Gibson m. Mary

Daniel Gibson m. Delilah
Daniel and his brother Stephen crossed from South Carolina into Georgia shortly after 1800. He became a prosperous rice planter and served as Justice of Wayne Co. Inferior Court

Margaret Gibson m. 1813 Richard Hopps

Daniel Gibson Hopps m. 1835 Frances Bennett
In 1865, Daniel G. Hopps was a delegate from Appling Co. to the Georgia State Constitutional Convention. He served both as Representative from Wayne Co. and as a State Senator.

Sarah Gibson m. 1828 James Robeson
Sarah's husband was a Justice of the Inferior Court of Brooks Co. Georgia.

Stephen Gibson m. ?

Martha Gibson m. 1796 James Fort
James Fort was an early settler of Glynn and Wayne Counties in Georgia. He served as Justice of Wayne Co. Inferior Court for a number of years and as State Senator in 1812. As she was his only child, Fort gave his daughter a marriage legacy of 900 acres on Turtle River and fifty slaves.

Mary Fort (daughter of the above) m. 1823 Stephen Clay King

Henry Clay King relocated to San Antonio, Texas. In 1872 he was elected Senator serving on the commission of Indian Affairs. In 1880 he was nominated for Governor but withdrew in favour of R. B. Hobbard.
Henry C. King m. 1856 Jean Adams Parland

Henry Clay King, Jr. was admitted to the San Antonio Bar in 1899. In 1913 he was offered the appointment as Judge but declined because of his business commitments. He was director and attorney for both the Globe fire Insurance Co. and the State Bank & Trust Co.

Martha King m. John Hardee Hull, brother of Noble Hull, elected Liutennant Governor of Florida in 1876, elected to Congress 1878

David Gibson born in Adams Co. Mississippi was twice a Member of the State Legislature.

James M. Gibson m. Eliza Stevens

James M. Gibson was admitted to the bar in 1879 and the following year elected State Legislator from Warren Co. Mississippi.

Rev. Randal Gibson m. Harriet McKinley

Tobias Gibson, born near Natchez Missippi but moved to Terrbonne Louisiana where he purchased a large plantation. Besides working in a number of local government positions, he served in the Louisiana State Legislature. In 1827 m. Louisana Breckenridge Hart, daughter of Col. Nathaniel Hart whose family was among the earliest settlers of Kentucky and was closely connected with the Clays, the Prestons, and other prominent families of the state.

Randal Lee Gibson, b. 1832, graduated from Yale in 1853 and studied law at University of Louisiana. After a tour of duty with the American Embassy in Spain, he began his practice as a lawyer and engaged in sugar planting. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the service of the Confederacy. By 1864 he had been made Brigadier General. After the war he ran for Congress and was elected in 1874, 1876, 1878 and 1880. In 1882 the state legislature elected him United States Senator, a post to which he was reelected in 1888. After a personal study of institutions of higher education in Europe, Gibson became the chief agent of Paul Toulane in the founding of Toulane University. Gibson was chosen president of the board and continued in that position until his death in 1892. Gibson Hall, the university's adminstration building is named after him. In 1868 he married Mary Montgomery.

Preston Gibson m. Minna Field, a niece of Marshall Field, the department store magnate from Chicago.

Col. Nathaniel Hart Gibson, graduate of Yale 1855. Studied law at Harvard and philosophy and political science at the University of Heidelberg. Adjutant General in the confederate army, he took up permanent residence in Lexington, Kentucky after the Civil War. Served in the State Legislator and was a trustee of the State University. In 1859 m. Mary Duncan.

Louisiana Gibson m. 1906 Frederich von Engelken. He wrote the report on which the Federal Farm Loan System was based and became Director of the National Mint in 1916.

Duncan Gibson, the Kentucky socialite and race horse breeder pictured on the right.
Hannah Gibson m. George Saunders

Marcia m. 1775 Claudius Pegues Jr.

Christopher Butler Pegues, Senator, South Carolina m. Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Thomas Evans, Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives who took as his second wife, Wilhelmina Stewart, daughter of Baron de Poelnitz.

Elizabeth m. William Pegues, Member of the South Carolina House of representatives and the owner of a 5,138 acre Plantation

Elizabeth Marcia m. William Powe, son of Thomas Powe, Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, State Senator and the proprietor of a an estate of more than 8,000 acres and 100 slaves.

James Pegues m. Jane Johnson

William J. Pegues m. 1833 Sarah Irby

Rebecca Irby Pegues m. 1850 Henry W. Harrington, son of James Harrington and Eleanor Wilson, half sister of Governor John Lyde Wilson.

Jordan Gibson

Gideon Gibson m. Mary O'Connell.
It is from this branch of the family that Port Gibson, Mississippi gets its name since they were one of the first non natives to settle in the area.

David Gibson born in Adams Co. Mississippi was twice a Member of the State Legislature.

James M. Gibson m. Eliza Stevens

James M. Gibson was admitted to the bar in 1879 and the following year elected State Legislator from Warren Co. Mississippi.

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