Biracial Portraits

CLAIMING PLACE: BIRACIAL AMERICAN PORTRAITS, Max Belcher, Photographer,Marion Kilson, Anthropologist,Theresa Monaco, Designer,(Reprinted by permission of Marion Kilson)

  "Claiming Place: Biracial American Portraits" illuminate the biracial experience in the post-Civil Rights era. The exhibition developed from Marion Kilson's interviews with young adult Biracial Americans across the country with whom she explored memories and perceptions of race and racial identity. The texts accompanying each of Max Belcher's color portrait derive from those interviews.

.....Born in the Sixties, the Biracial Americans portrayed share the experience of maturing in the United States during decades which expanded people of color's participation in American society and also created new social and cultural challenges for them. These young adults have moved beyond their childhood and adolescent home and begun their working careers, made decisions about their mature lives, and dealt with the ambiguities of their social status in the United States today.


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