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The Mexicans who inhabited Texas before it became a state were similar to the Picos and other tri-racial families in California . Like them, practically all the land and wealth that were once the estates of such families as the Yturrias and the la Portillas, the Espinozas, the Echazaretas and the Garzas have been inherited by descendants whose names are now Wood, Lambert, Power. etc.

According to the Debrett's Texas Peerage, Lawrence & Leonor Wood who live in San Antonio, are the undisputed leaders of Texas society. Interestingly enough, this recognition is due them not only for their enormous holdings and the lavish style in which they entertain but for this very old Mexican lineage (which is, of course, glossed over as Spanish.) From the photographs included, however, I could not help but wonder if this allusion to their ethnic background might not be a necessity since Leonor Yturria Wood's features are somewhat Negroid physical characteristics which, of course, lose their definition if passed off as Spanish.

Since Spanish colonial racial definitions in Texas were as rigorously followed as they were in California, ascertaining the African ancestry of these southern "Spanish" grandees should not prove too difficult or as time consuming as the other examples of passing being investigated.

Other prominent San Antonio families of the late 18th century who have been identified by historians as "mulatto' were those of:

Marcos Cepeda
Marcos Guerra
Alberto Morale
Matias Perez
Jose Miguel Serna
Felipe de Luna
Francisco Xavier Rodgriguez
Juan Bautista de Luna
Manuel Mascorro
Maria Micaela Carrasco

Researched and Written by Mario de Valdes y Cocom.

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