June Cross's Interracial Family Tree


To June from Mario,


A possible visual if you choose to include the above is a 16th century bible now in the possession of a small college in upstate NY. According to a long standing and traceable family tradition, this book was brought over to the New World by James Rogers. What is so interesting about it, is that this bible was once the personal property of John Rogers, the first to suffer martyrdom under England's Bloody Mary. (Another apology I suppose I owe you for my own Roman Catholic heritage.) John the Martyr was the great, great grandfather of James and, indeed, pretty much all the other Rogers in New England at that particular time in history.

Although not by blood, but under the rubric of extended family, there is through the Rogers, a connection which can be made to none other than W. E. B. Du Bois. Along with Adam's mother, another African in the Rogers' household was a woman by the name of Hagar. As a show of gratitude for his loyalty to them, it is recorded that the family threw a feast to celebrate her wedding to Thomas Wright, a Christianized Indian who had requested her hand in marriage. How many and who the Wright children took as spouses has not been fully recorded except for their daughter Mary. She married Robert Jacklyn, a rather well to do free person of colour who lived in the area and who, like herself was also of Native American extraction. A paternal aunt of Dubois would, a couple of generations later, marry into this family.

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