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Buster Brown: One of Stump's favorite numbers was "I Ain't Got Nobody". He used to do that but then, he'd crack you up doing it. Nobody could -He could go anywheres and get a laugh.

LeRoy Meyers: Well, he had -Yeah,like I was telling June, he had one of the best memories of anybody I know in show business. He'd see a show -He'd see a show and he'd come out, remember everything in the show, the lyrics, and steps and everything. "Hey, Stump, what was that thing that they did sometime like last year." Oh, and he'd sing the songs, you know. Had a great memory. Where we said, like I told her, he'd fit nowhere but the stage. The stage was his mentor. He was a natural.

BB: It was the most ad lib act you -One of the most ad lib act, you know. Tat man, never had no strictly dance routines that they -That we know of.

BB: But Eddie was more into the act than Harold was.

LM: Oh, there's no comparison -

BB: Yeah, because Harold -

BB: What's his name, Nat Nazarro, his manager.

BB: Nat Nazarro say, "no, give it to Stump, you know. Let Stump. Harold would get the chance to say a little something, but Stump -He was a wild man. That act was Stump.

LM: Yeah, well, another was his partners were part of the -

JC: They were straight men for him to bounce off of?

LM: Yeah, one of them to make him a team, you know? Eddie was a good dancer, you know. Stump was the salesman. You know, he sold me, he sold the show, you know.

JC: What happened then? Why didn't he make it big, big? Like in the United States?

LM: It just wasn't time -It just wasn't his time. It was too early and -you know. Why didn't a whole lot of the black acts make it big? There just wasn't the opportunity to do well then. And most especially -I tell you one thing. The comedy, years ago, that's where the money was. When you made people laugh, that's where the big, big was, you know. And they were strictly comedy, you know.

And opportunities just weren't there for black acts, you know.

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