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June Cross: Do you remember that photo that got taken for F Troop when I was about 12 years old?

Norma Storch: Yeah, I know, I've looked around for that. I can't find it.

JC: You can't find it either.

NS: It's here somewhere.

JC: Okay. Do you remember the story that went around that? How we got to the "she's adopted" story?

NS: Well, someone probably had to ask me. It's, you know, who is this girl? You know, it's probably Larry's publicist. He had publicists in those days. And probably, you know, 'how did she come into your life?' Because everything that he was doing and saying was scrutinized, you know and publicized, which it always is when you're in a series and so - that's how that happened. We had to give a story. We couldn't tell the truth. Ah, that was the only one.

JC: Do you remember what the story was?

JC: From -

NS: Well, that we had adopted you when you were very young. And, ah that we had taken care of you always and here you were.

JC: Do you remember from whom? I remember the story. I was just wondering if you remember. The story that you did was that there was a couple across the hall and it was a very abusive, violent household and that I used to come to your apartment - (simultaneous conversation)

NS: Oh, well, yeah, I just took my own life with Jimmy and transposed it, except I was on the outside looking in.

JC: Right, (laughter), right. And then you had rescued me from the household where - .

NS: Yes. I don't remember the details of that, but as I said, I just took the, I took the truth of, you know, your life, except didn't I say that your father or your mother had died or something? I've forgotten.

JC: The father had deserted the mother, and the mother couldn't make it on her own and had some other kids or something.

NS: Whatever, whatever.

JC: There was a tale.

NS: Well, listen, it had - you know, it's logical.

JC: Was it painful for you to do that, to have to tell that story?

NS: I don't think so. I mean, the pain was not having you. I mean, you know, telling stories to cover up for you, no. I was always - lived in fear that someday somebody might find out and it would be in the Enquirer or something like that which then, I thought would ruin Larry's career, you know. And I was scared in a way. I mean, we tried to downplay you as much as possible. Ken Barry had adopted two Asian children, and there were many people in those days that were adopting children of other races and nationalities, so it wasn't that unusual a story, it was just because of Larry's prominence, probably hit , you know, a little more, much in the headlines than others.

JC: Larry, how did you feel about it?

LS: I wasn't -anything that was the right thing to do, you know, I thought that's the way to go. And just what Norma suggested. And I thought that made the most sense.

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