Attorney General, Mississippi, Lead Negociator for the Attorney s General in the Tobacco Settlement.

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"I believe they [the tobacco industry] are the most corrupt and evil corporate animal that has ever been created in this country's history. They sell a drug, they make a drug, and they sell it knowing that it's addictive. They market it to our children, who they know will become addicts and they know that they will die from causes attributable to tobacco related disease."


Michael Moore took the idea given to him by Mississippi attorney Mike Lewis and turned it into a national campaign. He filed the first state Medicaid law suit against the tobacco industry and flew around the country convincing other state attorneys general to file. He was the primary negotiator in the deal and is the leader of the push for a national tobacco settlement.

Contribution to the Deal

Michael Moore is the Attorney General of the state of Mississippi. After a suggestion from Mississippi attorney Mike Lewis, Moore developed the idea of suing the tobacco industry to recover Medicaid costs paid by the state in treating sick smokers. He hired Dick Scruggs, a friend from Ole Miss law school, to research and develop the case. Scruggs and Moore have been credited with bringing the tobacco industry to the table.

The two of them, nicknamed Scro and Mo, then took their idea on the road and convinced other attorneys general around the country to sue the tobacco industry. Their efforts ultimately led to the tobacco industry coming to the bargaining table and negotiating the June 20, 1997 national settlement agreement. This agreement provided the basis for the current debate in Congress over national tobacco legislation.


Michael Moore argued for ways to control the tobacco industry and make them pay for past wrongdoing. He negotiated for money for public health costs and reform but he also argued for lookback provisions to punish the industry for past wrong doing. He wanted a negotiated settlement because he sees this as a more rational option than industry bankruptcy.

Personal Information:

Mike Moore was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi and attended University of Mississippi Law School. Before becoming Attorney General of Mississippi in 1988, Moore was District Attorney in Pascagoula, MS. He was named "Lawyer of the Year," by the National Law Journal in 1997. Since 1988, his main issues as Attorney General have been cigarette and drugs. He is married with one son. Many believe he has aspirations for higher office. The tobacco negociations have clearly pushed him onto the national scene.

Affiliations: State of Mississippi Taxpayers, National Public Health, Trial Lawyers

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