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Juma Al Dosari Recruitment Profile
An FBI profile that details how Juma Al Dosari and Kamal Derwish were suspected to have recruited the Lackawanna group.


This profile is an investigative theory based on Indianapolis investigation on Juma Al Doseri activities and is similar to Kamal Derwish's activity noted in Buffalo investigation. This profile details how Kamal Derwish recruited the Buffalo cell members and how Juma AlDoseri was used to recruited individuals to attend training camps.

An Islamic Center is identified/located, UBL Operative attends and over time identifies young Islamic men who are attending the Center for worship and knowledge of Islam. A friendship is developed with each individual and over time, each individual interests, emotional state, strength and weakness are identified. Older members of the Islamic Center are excluded as they would not be likely to accept fundamentalism views and would not be as susceptible to the younger members of the Islamic Center.

The young people are then invited to a location, apartment/house outside the Islamic Center in part to socialize and in part to learn more about Islam. The discussions/meetings usually occur after evening prayers, which would be after 10 pm. to early morning hours, 2-3 am.

The discussions over time would begin to detail historical Muslim conflicts, detailing individuals/heros who have fought for the Muslim faith and had thus, won honor, fame, and for themselves and God.

Individuals would continued to be evaluated as discussions begin to be directed toward a fundamentalism view of Islam. As the meetings progress, the young individuals are told of the suffering of Muslims in the world. That Muslims are being prosecuted and are suffering and how Muslim woman are being raped, tortured, killed; how true Muslims are fighting for the Muslim faith. How Muslims have a duty to fight in Jihad and how martyrdom is justified. The UBL Operative would meet individually with each group member as each group member is given an individual encouragement to pursue his individual duty toward Jihad, and duty to a fundamentalism Islamic belief.

Eventually, the individual members are approached about becoming prepared to defend Muslim beliefs and fight for Jihad. The way to defend Islam is to be prepared and trained to fight all those who would threaten Islam.

Investigative techniques to combat UBL Operatives recruitment practices:

   1. Liaison should be established with each Islamic Center and Mosque. The liaison should identify the executive committee members, but should also concentrate on the older established members of the Centers. These individuals would be most likely to be in the know as to negative influences in the Islamic Centers. They should be able to identify new members who have taken an interest in the young members of the Center.

   2. Older members should have an interest in maintaining control of their Islamic Centers, beliefs and protect younger Muslims males who may come under the influence of UBL Operatives.

   3. New members who attempt to take over the Islamic Center and/or who establish groups to study Islam comprised of young males outside of the Center, should be identified for possible recruitment practices.

   4. Once identified, the UBL Operative should be a subject of preliminary investigations. Specific attention should take into account the individual background and previous association with pro-terrorist activities, individuals and organizations.

   5. If the information proves that the recruitor is acting to recruit young males, investigative techniques should be targeted to establish criminal material support and/or obtain evidence of criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist acts in hopes of identifying terrorism plans in hopes of preventing a terrorist act.

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posted october 16, 2003

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