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Gulf War veterans are sick. And they're angry. They are convinced their illnesses come from exposures to chemicals, vaccines and biological agents during the war. But scientists on four blue-ribbon panels say the veterans' symptoms come from psychological stress similar to the kind found after other wars. Who's right?

In "Last Battle of the Gulf War," FRONTLINE takes a clear-eyed look at the history and politics behind 'Gulf War Syndrome' and examines the key scientific and medical issues - showing why scientists conclude stress is the most likely explanation. This is an absorbing, close-up look at how the whole controversy played out -- in Congress, among veterans and their advocates and, in the media which frequently failed to provide medical and scientific context in their reporting.

This audiocast uses RealVideo technology and requires RealPlayer 4.0 or later to work. We strongly recommend a 28.8Kbps or faster modem.


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