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This e-mail was sent by Philip J. Wiesner, a senior KPMG tax executive in Washington. He lists the "tax products" that KPMG had identified "as having significant revenue potential over the next few months," and describes how KPMG's teams need to "maximize the revenue generated from the respective products." At the end of the e-mail, Wiesner quotes Jeff Stein, the head of KPMG's tax practice, as saying, "We are dealing with ruthless execution -- hand to hand combat -- blocking and tackling." Wiesner then exhorts his team to sell, writing, "Whatever the mixed metaphor, let's just do it."


Subject: FW: Hot Tax Products (5 Month Mission)

From: Wiesner, Philip J

Date: 2/3/2000 1:20:37 PM

To: US-WNT Tax Partners

Message Body

Listed below are the tax products indentified by the functional teams as having significant revenue potential over the next few months. The list includes two additional items added since the original list. NOTE: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOW-UP MESSAGE AFTER THE PRODUCT LIST.


Tax Accounting Strategies (TAS) Tax Accounting

Contingent Liability Acceleration Strategy (CLAS) Tax Accounting

Credit Card Deferral Strategies (CARDS) Tax Accounting/FCS

Cash Flow Enhancement Strategies (CFES) Tax Accounting/Comp & Benefits

ACRA/SubACRA Tax Accounting/M&A


CREW - P M&A/Pass-throughs

Canadian Debt Opportumties (CANDO) M&A/ICS


301 (b)(2) Dividend Reducer FCS

301 (b)(2) Loss Generator FCS



FLIP FCS/Pass-throughs

exhibit 19
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Corporate Partner Liquidation Strategy (CPLS) Pass-throughs

TAARP Mark Ely

RESTART (Employment Tax Refunds) SALT

Advantageous Compensation for Expatriates (ACE) Comp & Benefits/IES

InsureCo Insurance

WarrentyCo (WITS) Insurance

Reacquisition Charitable Remainder Trust (REACT) PFP

Global Leasing for Expatriate Employees (GLEE) IES

The list is in the process of being reviewed by Mark Springer and the Product Leaders to make sure that the proper items are on the list. When this is completed, the functional teams will need to WNT champions to work with the National Product champions to maximize the revenue generated from the respective products. Also, this list does not include any Tax Service Idea Bank initiatives. I know from working with the pass-throughs team that there are plenty of revenue generators that are currently in the Tax Service Idea Bank that need to be recharged. As of today I have only been copied on one functional team's plan with respect to the team plans to move our involvement forward.

In terms of the importance of WNT's efforts over the next 5 months, I would only point you to Jeff Stein's MUST READ memo of today on what we all must do to meet plan this year. You should note that WNT is specifically mentioned not only with respect to the list of strategies that have the greatest revenue potential, but also with respect to Tax Service Idea Bank initiatives and that all partners should temporarily defer non-revenue producing activities. To quote from Jeffs memo, "This is true of partners in Washington National tax as well as those in operating offices." We must work together to not only identify the best revenue generating initiatives, but also work on formulating the best way to get these intitiatives, in particular, many of the tax service idea bank items that from what I can ascertain curently get lost in the shuffle, in the hands of the right people. In many cases, we know who these people are from the course of our dealings around the firm. We can really make a difference as far as helping to increase the leverage of these initiatives!

Thanks for help in this critically important matter. As Jeff said, "We are dealing with ruthless execution - hand to hand combat - blocking and tackling.' Whatever the mixed metaphor, let's just do it.

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Conversation Topic: Hot Tax Products (5 Month Mission)

Subject: FW: Hot Tax Products (5 Month Mission)

From: Wiesner, Philip J

Sender Name: Wiesner, Philip J

To: US- WNT Tax Partners

Received By: Wiesner, Philip J

Delivery Time: 2/3/2000 1:20:37 PM

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posted february 19, 2004

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