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terror and tehran
Does America's 'war on terror' hold democracy hostage in Iran?
see 2007's showdown with iran
readings and links US-Iran relations
Iran and the 'axis of evil'
Does Iran belong in an "axis of evil"? Is the cause of reform in Iran being helped, or hindered, by U.S. policy?
Inside Iran
Iran's political system, its recent elections, the state of its reform movement, and the legacy of its Islamic Revolution.
A reformist ayatollah, a vice president in hijab, a former CIA officer, a Bush speechwriter, a reporter, an ambassador, and more.
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Terror and Tehran

FRONTLINE investigates the terror threat from Iran and the challenges facing U.S. policymakers. President Bush has declared Iran part of an 'axis of evil.' But will U.S. actions against Iran help or hinder Iranian moderates' struggle to reform the hard-line government of Iran?

published may 2002