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Questions on School Choice

This special issue of Policy Review, published by the Heritage Foundation, features a number of articles on vouchers, including "Are Vouchers Constitutional?", "Vouchers and Test Scores: What the Numbers Show", and "Public School Benefits of Private School Vouchers."

Whose Choice

A series of articles in the Akron Beacon Journal by reporters Dennis J. Willard and Doug Oplinger detailing the controversial voucher and charter programs in Ohio, including David Brennan's White Hat Management company, which was featured in "The Battle Over School Choice." Willard and Oplinger contributed reporting to the FRONTLINE documentary.

Harvard University Program on Education Policy and Governance

This Harvard University program has sponsored extensive research on school choice and vouchers, and their web site offers Adobe Acrobat versions of many of the resulting papers, including evaluations of voucher and choice programs in San Antonio, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and New York.

Organizations Concerned with School Choice

CEO America: Children's Educational Opportunity Organization

A national clearinghouse for privately funded voucher programs.

Advantage Schools

A for-profit company that manages 14 urban charter schools in 9 states. Their web site offers background on their educational philosophy and links and information about individual schools.

The Edison Schools

Founded in 1992 with great fanfare and expectation, the Edison Project promised to help re-invent public education in America. Now, Edison Schools claims to be the nation's "leading private manager of public schools," with 79 public and charter schools around the country teaching more than 38,000 students.

US Charter Schools Web Site

This extensive web site is a great resource for information on charter schools. It provides a simple overview and FAQ on charter schools; state by state information on existing charter schools and relevant legislation, including links to individual charter schools' web sites; an annotated bibliography of selected reports and research on charter schools; and tips and resources for starting and running a charter school.

The Center for Education Reform

This pro-voucher and pro-charter school site provides a wealth of statistics and information on school choice initiatives around the country.

Rethinking Schools Online

Rethinking Schools, an education reform organization formed by a group of Milwaukee teachers is opposed to vouchers, and offers an array of articles and editorials outlining anti-voucher arguments.

School Vouchers: the Wrong Choice for Public Education

The Anti-Defamation League hosts this anti-voucher site which provides a number of editorials on the threats of vouchers.

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