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Private Warriors
Over 120,000 private contractors are preparing the food, fueling the planes and protecting the pipelines and generals in Iraq. But what are the dangers in bringing in the private sector to prosecute the war?
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inside iraq's 2nd largest force

A closer look at companies profiled in this FRONTLINE report. Plus, a Sept.'06 update on Blackwater contractors killed in Fallujah in '04.

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Who are the contractors and what are their roles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatization? To whom are these companies accountable? More...


Private contractors from Halliburton/KBR and Erinys, current and former military officials and other experts talk about their experiences in Iraq, the industry's growth, and more...

Baghdad from a Bulletproof window

Producer Marcela Gaviria's vivid description of her April 2005 reporting trip to Baghdad, her third in two years.


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posted june 21, 2005

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