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photo of kayDavid Kay

Dr. Kay is the head of the Iraq Survey Group, a U.S.-led coalition team of military and intelligence personnel that has been hunting for WMD in Iraq since July 2003. A former U.N. weapons inspector, Kay had led a team after the first Gulf War which hunted down and destroyed Iraq's nuclear weapons. But by 1998, having been denied further access, all the U.N. teams were forced to leave Iraq. At that time, Kay was convinced that Saddam was still hiding WMD.

In this interview, Kay discusses the approach the ISG is taking in the hunt and the ISG's October 2003 interim report, which stated that no WMD had been found so far. Kay also discusses the evidence uncovered indicating Saddam Hussein had pursued banned weapons programs and was trying to acquire long-range missiles. This interview was conducted by BBC reporter Jane Corbin in July 2003.

Editor's Note, Jan. 23, 2004: It was announced today that David Kay is being replaced by Charles Duelfer a top Iraq weapons inspector during UNSCOM's efforts from 1992 to 2000. Earlier this month, Duelfer told NBC News that he doubted biological and chemical weapons would be found in Iraq.

photo of blixHans Blix

In the four months prior to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Dr. Blix headed U.N. teams that searched hundreds of sites in Iraq looking for WMD. They found no active programs, no stockpile of weapons. But the Iraqis did not produce complete documentation proving they had destroyed all their old stocks of chemical and biological agents as they claimed. Blix, though he personally suspected that Saddam might possess banned weapons, came under fire from the U.S. for failing to find stockpiles of anthrax and other weapons right away.

In this interview, Blix offers his thoughts on the lack of evidence so far of active WMD capability, on what might have been going through Saddam's mind, and on the lessons he's drawn from what we now know. This interview was conducted in November 2003 by BBC reporter Jane Corbin.


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posted january 22, 2004

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