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Its iron foundries thrive.  But the McWane Corporation's way of doing business has left a shocking trail of death, dismemberment and pollution...A joint investigation by FRONTLINE, The New York Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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 A Dangerous Business Revisited. Five years later, what's happened at McWane?....
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A Dangerous Business

Each year, six thousand Americans lose their lives on the job. Tens of thousands more are seriously injured or exposed to deadly poisons and carcinogens in the workplace. Yet if one of those workers dies on the job due to a company's willful disregard for federal safety regulations, the maximum penalty his employer faces is just six months in prison. Are America's workplace safety laws tough enough? And are companies being held responsible for protecting the safety of their employees? FRONTLINE investigates workplace safety in one of America's most dangerous industries.

published jan. 9, 2003