We want to draw your attention to a range of material concerning response to FRONTLINE's broadcast of "SHTETL" produced by Marian Marzynski.

First, the controversy. When it was broadcast, "SHTETL" troubled and angered segments of the Polish-American community. A group called the Polish Historical Society issued a press release and wrote a letter. You can learn some more about their views by examining web sites where they are referenced, or to which they contributed.

The debate and literature about "SHTETL" has grown in the years following the 1996 broadcast. In 1999, the Polish Educational Foundation of North America published The Story of Two Shtetls, a book on Polish-Jewish relations during World War II which critiques Marzynski's film.

Reactions to "SHTETL" also can be found at an interesting question-and-answer session with Marian Marzynski revealing the background to the making of the film and Marzynski's approach to the subject and central characters.

Also of interest is recent correspondence between Zbyszek Romaniuk and Marzynski which offers Romaniuk's comments about the film and Marzynski's response.