Sick Around the World

Press Reaction

Mike Hale, The New York Times

"If your latest battle with your H.M.O. has you pounding your head with frustration, 'Sick Around the World' may spur you to more drastic action, like leaving the United States altogether. ...

"... This fast-moving and entertaining hour starts from the premise that the American health care system ... is a failure. And Mr. Reid makes the case (in about 10 minutes per country) that other capitalist democracies have not just cheaper more equally available health care, but also better care over all, with longer life expectancies and lower infant mortality rates. ..."

Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

"... This is an important, most welcomed contribution to the debate over health care -- definitely worth a look tonight."

Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post

"T.R. Reid is an affable traveling companion. Whether eating sushi in Japan, drinking beer in Germany or receiving acupuncture in Taiwan, he gets to the heart of a complicated debate with simple, personal questions. ..."

James Parker, The Boston Phoenix

"... [A]s someone easily perplexed by economic data, I rather appreciate Reid's folksy educative manner. ...

"What you'll take away from 'Sick Around the World' is the impression that the most common-sense ideas about health care ... are, to our ears, sufficiently heretical that they can be uttered only in a Taiwanese, German, or Swiss accent."

Mike Kelly, The Toledo Blade

"... Reid brings a reporter's keen eye and a commentator's sharp insight to the subject, making Sick Around the World considerably more engaging than a typical dry documentary. ..."

Brendan Bernhard, The New York Sun

"... The idea that free health is a universal human right can actually be dangerous, since it's potentially destructive to the medical profession. ... Reasonably priced health, on the other hand, makes both moral and economic sense, and ultimately that's the direction in which this 'Frontline' documentary somewhat uncertainly points."

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posted april 15, 2008

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