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a "night letter"

The Taliban posts these threatening notes, known as "night letters," on mosques, schools and government buildings at night, under the cover of darkness. Signed by "Militants of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" and purportedly a statement from Osama bin Laden, this letter, which circulated in May 2006, promises revenge on the Pakistani army for operations that killed citizens and destroyed property in Waziristan and calls for the assassination of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

I start with Allah's name Who is Merciful

Long Live Islam

Death for America

This is a recent statement by Sheikh Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Laden regarding the cruel acts, killing and demolishing houses by Pakistan Army in the tribal area of Waziristan:

May Allah reward the Muslims of Pakistan for the way they helped their brothers, who were affected by the earthquake! However, in the same manner, they are also obligated to come forward to help the independent, tribal Pushtun Muslims, whose houses have been turned into [illegible] by the Pakistani Army for the sake of pleasing Americans. I pray to Allah to accept those who are killed as martyrs, to heal those, who are injured, and bless them with health, wealth and loved ones.

And I also pray to this God (other than Whom, there is no one worth worshipping) to send the curse on Bush, Pervez and their Army that they deserve. And give the opportunity to someone among the tigers of Islam to kill this slave of Bush in Pakistan. No doubt, this is in God's hands and He has control over this. God says, "No doubt, Pharaoh, Haman and their Army were wrong-doers."

This is a request to Muslim Brothers that, whoever gets this statement, print it and distribute it in their area on a large scale.

Militants of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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posted oct. 3, 2006

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