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north waziristan peace pact

Here is the text of the September 2006 deal between the Pakistani government and local tribesmen in North Waziristan. The Pakistani Army agreed to dismantle checkpoints it had set up recently inside North Waziristan, release tribesmen it had arrested and return weapons it had confiscated. The army will keep some checkpoints on the border and retain the majority of its forces in the barracks. In return, the tribesmen agreed to stop attacking the military and cease cross-border infiltration into Afghanistan. Critics paint the agreement as a victory for Al Qaeda and the Taliban because it grants militants a safe haven from which to launch more cross-border attacks.

Peace Pact North Waziristan

Participant One: Political Agent North Waziristan representing Governor N.W.F.P Federal Government.

Participant Two: Tribal Representatives North Waziristan, Local Mujahideen N.W.F.P, Atmanzai Tribe


According to this pact, the participants will agree to the following conditions.

Students Scholars Atmanzai Tribes:

Participant Two meaning Tribal Representatives of North Waziristan and Local Mujahideen Students and Scholars of Atmanzai will make it sure that

  1. Law Enforcement Agencies, installations and officers will not be attacked and there will be no Targeted Killing whatsoever.

  2. There will be no Balanced Administration. Pakistan Government will be the working body. Political Administration will be contacted for resolving issues. Administration will resolve issues according to the laws implemented by Atmanzai Tribes and FCR.

  3. There will be no cross border infiltration into the neighboring country Afghanistan for any type of Armed Activity. However, there will be no restriction on traveling according to the rules and regulations for the purpose of Business, Trade and meeting relatives.

  4. There will be no incursions into districts adjacent to North Waziristan. Nor will there be a common government.

  5. All foreigners would go outside of North Waziristan Agency. If any one who is not in a position, will be allowed to stay away in the area on surety or guarantee of the local tribesmen. Such type of foreigners would remain with peace and would honour all clauses of the agreement.

  6. During the fights, whatever Government [illegible] in the form of weapons and wireless came into the hands of Participant two will be returned to the government.


  1. Every person arrested during the operation will be released. They will not be arrested again for what they have done in the past.

  2. Government will lift all the public sanctions.

  3. Government will remove all the new check posts from the roads and on the old check posts, soldiers and levis will be stationed just like in the past.

  4. Government will return the vehicles and other stuff confiscated during the operation.

  5. After the pact, government will continue the ground and air operation according to normal routine.

  6. For the recovery of those who were innocently killed during the operation and as a compensation for the property that was damaged during the operation, government will provide grants.

  7. There is no ban on (use of) weapons according to the Tribal Traditions and there is no ban (on weapons) from the government either; but the ban on large weapons will continue.

  8. The implementation of pact will start with the removal of Army check posts.

All Sides:

  1. According to this pact, a 10-member committee will be formed with mutual consultation. In this committee scholars, elders and representatives of political administration will perform the following duties;

  1. Constant communication between the government and Atmanzai tribes.

  2. To review and ensure implementation of the pact

2. If a person or a group (local or foreigner) will not follow the peace pact and will try to sabotage peace in Waziristan, then action will be taken against him.

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posted oct. 3, 2006

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