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the alternative fix


Pre-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?
  • Student Handout: What is Alternative and Complementary Medicine?

  • Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Student Viewing Guides
  • Student Handout: True and False Questions
  • Student Handout: Short Answers

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Regulating Drugs: The Creation of the FDA
  • The Progressive Era: Public Pressure and Government Actions

  • Internet Resources

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    » Post-Viewing Lesson Plan:

    Progressive Era:
     Public Pressure and
     Government Actions

    Students will read sections of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and examine societal problems during the Progressive Era. This lesson will take 60-90 minutes.

    » Materials Needed:

    Students will need Internet access and writing materials.

    » Lesson Objectives:

    In this lesson students will:

    • Examine the problems in the meat industry at the turn of the 20th century
    • Discuss the kinds of food concerns that exist in today's meat industry
    • Make connections between regulatory issues in the meat industry at the turn of the century and the alternative medicine industry today.

    » Procedure:

    Chapters three and nine in The Jungle best illustrate why the Meat Inspection Act was passed. Ask students to carefully read these chapters at:

    Chapter 3: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Literature/Sinclair/TheJungle/03.html
    Chapter 9: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Literature/Sinclair/TheJungle/09.html

    Have students individually summarize the problems explored in The Jungle and conduct a large group discussion on what problems exist in the meat industry today. Also, ask students if they see any connections between these problems in the meat industry and the questions raised about regulation in "The Alternative Fix."

    » Method of Evaluation:

    Collect student summaries and class notes.
    Students in health classes or government could be assigned homework to find one article that documents the kinds of meat concerns we have today.

    » Extending the Lesson:

    Modern Meat
    Students can learn about many issues relating to the meat industry today by exploring the Web site of this April 2002 FRONTLINE documentary.

    This lesson plan for 9-12th grade literature students uses The Jungle to explore books with social themes. To accompany this lesson, teachers can find an online copy of The Jungle at http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Literature/Sinclair/TheJungle/

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