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Memory of the Camps

Photo: Ovens at Dachau concentration camp


Film Notes

Fact Sheet

Using "Memory of the Camps"

Discussion Prompts

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» About the Film:

This hour-long documentary on the liberation of the German concentration camps was assembled in London in 1945 from footage shot by the service and newsreel cameramen accompanying the British, American, and Russian armies. However, the documentary was left unfinished, with missing sound tracks and a missing sixth reel. But the directors, including Alfred Hitchcock, had developed a script to go with the pictures, and in May 1985, FRONTLINE first presented this documentary -- unedited and as close as possible to what the producers intended 60 years ago.

» A Note to Teachers:

The stunning and disturbing footage in "Memory of the Camps" can have a lasting impact on viewers. That is part of its power as a teaching tool. However, its graphic nature can also make it inappropriate for audiences who are unprepared. For that reason, we strongly recommend that "Memory of the Camps" not be used as a stand-alone or as an introduction. Rather, it is best suited for students who are already engaged in studying related subjects and who have foundational knowledge of the Holocaust and the history of World War II. This guide is written for college-level classrooms or events involving adults.

» Educator Resources:

Film Notes
Fact Sheet
Using "Memory of the Camps"
    Preparing for a Screening
    Topics / Subject Areas
Discussion Prompts
    Selected Quotes
    Internet Resources

» Purchasing the Film:

"Memory of the Camps" can be purchased from Shop PBS for Teachers. Also, teachers and students can watch the film streamed in its entirety on FRONTLINE's Web site.

» Credits

This teacher's guide was developed by Simone Bloom Nathan of Media Education Consultants. It was written by Dr. Faith Rogow, Insighters Educational Consulting. Advisers were Beth Cohen PhD, Clark University, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Ellen Greenblatt, University High School San Francisco and Patricia Grimmer, Carbondale High School, Carbondale, Illinois.

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