college, inc.


Use these lesson extensions to continue discussion of this topic in the classroom.

  • Explore additional perspectives on the cost of higher education by watching the Miller Center’s National Debate Series’ “The Cost of Higher Education.” Students can take notes on the debate arguments, determine which debater best represents their point of view, and explain why.


  • Have students review President Obama’s public policy agenda for higher education and determine to what degree his proposals might apply to for-profits. The class should also research the positions of their senators and congressional representative on these proposals. Students can then write a news report about a specific public policy proposal for higher education, analyzing the proposal’s strategy from the perspectives of national leaders.

  • Have students develop a rubric of priorities for what they would want in a college education. Ask them to use this rubric to rate two for-profit and two public or private colleges and universities based on the information at their websites. Students should then analyze in writing which institution best meets their needs and explain why.

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