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Related Standards


These standards are drawn from “Content Knowledge,” a compilation of content standards and benchmarks for K-12 curriculum by McRel (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning).

Economics, Standard 2: Understands characteristics of different economic systems, economic institutions and economic incentives

Geography, Standard 2: Knows the location of places, geographic features and patterns of the environment

Historical Understanding, Standard 1: Understands and knows how to analyze chronological relationships and patterns

Historical Understanding, Standard 2: Understands the historical perspective

Technology, Standard 3: Understands the relationships among science, technology, society and the individual

Thinking and Reasoning, Standard 1: Understands and applies the basic principles of presenting an argument

Thinking and Reasoning, Standard 2: Understands and applies basic principles of logic and reasoning

Thinking and Reasoning, Standard 3: Effectively uses mental processes that are based on identifying similarities and differences

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