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Kim's Nuclear Gamble
teachers guide

Viewing the Documentary

  • A Note to Teachers

  • Pre-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • What Brought Us to this Place?
  • Learning About Nuclear Weapons

  • Viewing the Documentary

    Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Negotiations
  • Going Further: Oral Histories
  • Additional Resources

  • Student Assignment Sheets
  • Key Dates/Events in U.S.-North Korea Relations
  • Learning About Nuclear Weapons
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Charting Escalation
  • Excerpts from Hiroshima by John Hersey
  • Lesson Objectives

    In this lesson students will:

    • Expand their knowledge of issues related to U.S.-North Korea relations
    • Watch the documentary critically, looking for quotations and important issues

    Materials Needed

    • VCR and Monitor
    • FRONTLINE film "Kim's Nuclear Gamble"
    • Or, watch the full program "Kim's Nuclear Gamble" ONLINE right here on this web site!

    Time Needed

    60 minutes for viewing, 15-20 minutes for class discussion.


    As you screen the film, tell students to watch critically, writing:

    • at least two questions the documentary raises for them
    • at least one quotation representing the North Korean view and one quotation representing the U.S. view.

    After viewing the film, invite students to share their questions and quotations and engage the students in a discussion about the documentary.

    Method of Assessment

    Participation in viewing activity and class discussion

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