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Additional Lesson Idea

The Geography of Mormonism

Students will track the American and international growth of Mormonism. They will read the article "Mormonism and the American Mainstream." They will consider the role of America's Second Great Awakening and the Burnt Over District of upstate New York in influencing Joseph Smith. Students will learn about the international presence of Mormonism by clicking on the map to examine the worldwide geography of missionary work.

Real or Reel? Mormons Depicted in Pop Culture

Students will compare and contrast the depiction of Mormons in TV programs and film. Students can consider HBO's series, Big Love, or episode #712 of South Park, "All About the Mormons," and Jon Krakauer's book, Under the Banner of Heaven."

Persecution of the Mormons

In this lesson plan by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, students will interpret key documents pertaining to the growth of Mormonism in the 19th century.