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who was lee harvey oswald?


Pre-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • The Era That Shaped Oswald
  • Student Handout: Part One: What Do You Know About JFK?
  • Student Handout: Part Two: Checking Your Answers"

  • Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Student Viewing Guide
  • Student Handout: Student Viewing Guide

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • The "Trail" of Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Extending the Lesson
  • Trying to Make Sense of the World
  • "Truth" and "Fiction"

  • Internet Resources

    Printable .pdf of Entire Guide
    (Adobe Acrobat required)

    » Internet Resources

    In addition to the Web resources included in the guide, students and their teachers might want to look further.

    Media literacy note: As with all issues, especially ones charged with controversy, students must learn to be savvy and discriminating readers. No Web site can provide all the information a student needs to know, and teachers should encourage students to "interrogate" Web sites even as they are reading.
    Guiding questions as they work through these activities should be: What did you learn from this source? What didn't you learn from this source? Who sponsors this source? What bias might the sponsor have?


    Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
    The companion Web site to the FRONTLINE film offers more on Oswald's life and activities, including a forum in which Don DeLillo, Edward Epstein and Gerald Posner discuss the "Myth, Meaning, and Mystery" surrounding Oswald. Also, a look at the major conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination.

    The Kennedy Assassination
    This comprehensive Web site supports the theory that Oswald was a lone assassin. Filled with informative links, it will be useful for students who want to check on their notes from the film about main characters and issues.

    JFK -- The Assassination Movie
    This site systematically addresses both the distortions and the possible agenda behind them in Oliver Stone's film, JFK.

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