Return of the Taliban

Additional Resources

A Note about Internet Resources
Students need to be aware that Web sites sometimes present only one view of an issue. Encourage them to think about Web sites even as they are reading. Guiding questions as they review Web sites are: What did you learn from this site? What didn't you learn from this site? Who sponsors this site? What bias might the sponsor have? How current is the site?

"Return of the Taliban"
This companion site to the FRONTLINE documentary features extended interviews with experts featured in the program; analysis of the geopolitics of Pakistan: why it has had longtime ties to Islamic extremists; its post-9/11 tensions with the United States; and the domestic pressures facing President Pervez Musharraf; maps, video and history of Pakistan's tribal areas; and profiles of prominent Taliban militants.

Lesson Plans: The Taliban
This site prepared by Teachervision.com contains a concise history of the rise of the Taliban and definitions of many key institutions of the group. It allows students to quickly learn more about the Taliban.

Afghan Web Links
Teachers or students who would like to find additional resources on the Middle East will find this a useful site for articles, maps, lesson plans, etc. It has been organized by the Asian Educational Media Service Center for East Asia and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois.

America Responds to Terrorism
This site, created by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, has a series of online resources and lesson plans concerning the origins and results of terrorism.

"The Lawless Frontier"
This article in the Atlantic Monthly's September 2000 issue provides a comprehensive overview of the situation in the tribal areas of Pakistan, including background and causes. Recommended for teachers rather than students, because of the article's length and complexity.