the vaccine war

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Information on How Vaccination Works:

  • How Do Vaccines Work?
    The American Academy of Pediatrics provides a brief overview of how vaccination protects the body from disease.


Information About Specific Diseases:

  • Vaccines and Preventable Diseases
    The Centers for Disease Control list descriptions of diseases for which there are vaccines, including their causes, symptoms and transmission.
  • Vaccine-preventable Diseases
    The Immunization Action Coalition provides informative Q&A sheets about specific diseases, with videos, photos, case histories and vaccine information. (Immunization Action Coalition is an organization that advocates vaccination.)


Questions About Vaccination:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    The National Vaccine Information Center gives information about vaccine reactions and other concerns. (NVIC is a consumer organization founded by Barbara Loe Fisher, interviewed in the video.)
  • Do I Vaccinate?
    Generation Rescue presents issues to consider before vaccinating your child. (Generation Rescue’s website describes itself as “Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organization.”)
  • Concerns About Vaccines
    The Immunization Action Coalition addresses common questions about vaccines answered by doctors Paul Offit (from video) and Louis Bell in their book, Vaccines: What You Should Know.


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