lost year in iraq

Additional Lesson Ideas

Democracy and Freedom
Lead a discussion with students on the meaning of "democracy and freedom." How do nations instill democracy and freedom? Students can examine the Bush administration's policy of exporting democracy to other countries. Students can begin with President Bush's Second Inaugural Address found at:


and examine other periods in our history where similar attempts were made: the League of Nations, postwar Europe, Vietnam. Have students debate such questions as: Is it appropriate to export democracy to other countries? Why or why not? What role does the U.S. military play in instilling democracy and freedom in oppressed countries? What role does diplomacy and foreign aid play in instilling democracy and freedom in oppressed countries? Can countries with little or no democratic experience develop democracy and freedom?

Advertising Campaign
Develop an advertising campaign to promote the exportation of democracy and freedom to other countries. Determine who will be the audience: the country being exported to or the country doing the exporting. Create for any media source: newspaper, radio/TV or the Web.

Creating Cartoons
Students will create their own political cartoons for publication in a school or local newspaper.

Postwar Reconstruction in Bosnia
Students will research postwar reconstruction in Bosnia. What were the major steps taken in reconstruction? What efforts were made by the international community? What role did Bosnians have in their own reconstruction? What problems existed at the start, or developed during the process, and how were they handled? What are some similarities and differences to postwar reconstruction efforts in Iraq? Have students write an Op-Ed piece for the school or local newspaper explaining their thoughts.