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Mousavi remains defiant

28 Jun 2009 04:1730 Comments
Mideast Iran Elections

By MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles | 28 June 2009

Iran's Guardian Council -- the Constitutional body that vets the candidates and certifies the validity of the elections -- has formed a special committee to look into the irregularities of the presidential election, and to recount 10 percent of the votes. It has invited the candidates to introduce a special representative, so that the recounting can take place.

But in a letter to the Guardian Council, Mir Hossein Mousavi, the main reformist candidate, insisted that the entire election process was fraught with numerous violations of important articles of Iran's election laws and, therefore, there was no way to rectify the situation other than annulment of the election and holding a new one. In his letter, Mousavi divides all the violations of the government and the Interior Ministry, which supervises the elections, into four categories, stating:

Based on what I already informed the Council about [in Mr. Mousavi's previous letters], the extent and depth of the unlawful acts [of the government] in four distinct categories, namely,

  1. The election campaigns, and what the government did prior to Election Day;
  2. The collection of the votes [on June 12] and their enumeration;
  3. Summarizing the results and announcing them [and],
  4. What has taken place after announcing the results,

are such that there is no remedy for them other than annulment of the entire election and holding a new one. As examples, I point out certain violations and unlawful acts that are recognized by Article 33 of the laws of presidential elections as violations that influence the overall result of the elections and, therefore, leave no choice but annulment of the elections:

  1. Explicit and widespread violation of Article 68 of the elction laws that forbids the use of public resources for, and the intervention of the cabinet members, senior officials, governor-generals, and managers in favor of the candidate of the establishment [President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad].
  2. Violation of the neutrality of the Voice and Visage [Seda va Sima: National Iranian Radio and Television Network], and making unfounded accusations [against the reformist candidates] by that organ, the unlawful nature of some of which has also been confirmed by Iran's Chief Justice [Ghorbanali Dorri Najafabadi], as well as widespread campaign and propaganda by governmental organizations, such as IRNA [Iran's official news agency], newspapers, and websites in favor of the establishment's candidate.
  3. Widespread violations of Article 33 of the presidential election laws:

    1. buying votes by distributing the so-called "justice stocks and shares" and cash among the peasants.
    2. Threatening, as well as bribing by cash, members of the city councils, influential people, etc.
    3. Lack of confidence in the ballot boxes being empty before they were sealed [before voting], disappearance of the voting forms and ballot boxes after voting, due to the fact that [our] monitors had been barred from being present at the voting places, as well as based on reports that have been received.
    4. Denying people's rights to vote by limiting the hours of voting, and many other violations, such as lack of voting forms at the voting locations.
    5. Fraud in voting by not having enough voting forms at voting places, even though 12 million additional forms [on top of the 47 million needed for the number of eligible voters] had already been printed, and printing of an additional 2.5 million forms (and perhaps more) that had no official serial numbers had also been authorized by a member of the Council. Such violations can undoubtedly be proven by comparing the completed voting forms with the information in the Information Bank [that the government keeps of all the Iranian people].
    6. "Recommendation" to people by the officials working at voting places for whom they should vote, and selecting such officials and monitors from amongst the ranks of the establishment candidate.
    7. Intimidating the voters and supporters of the reformist candidates in the week before the election, and attacking their campaign headquarters and their supporters in the legal gathering and rallies around the country.
    8. Setting many limitations for the [reformist] candidates' monitors to attend the meetings of the executive committees [that supervise the elections], be present at the centers where the votes were collected and counted, as well as at a significant number of voting locations.
    9. Cutting off, on the voting day, all means of mass communications, such as SMS and cell phones, which are used for monitoring the elections and reporting unlawful acts to my campaign headquarters, so that we could pursue the legal channels to stop them.
    10. Collecting the votes in a way that could not be monitored, and announcing the results in an "engineered" way (while, even before announcing the results by the Interior Ministry, the websites that are linked with the government, the Sepaah [the Revolutionary Guards], and [the daily] Kayhan [the mouthpiece of the hard-liners] had already announced the results).
    11. Widespread intervention in the elections by some parts of the armed forces prior and during the elections, which is against the explicit order of the Imam [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had forbidden the military from intervention in political affairs].
    12. The existence of more 170 voting districts [out of a total of 368] in which the percentage of the votes cast was between 95% and 140% of the total number of eligible voters.
    13. Attacking my [Mr. Mousavi's] campaign headquarters throughout the country, shutting down my central campaign headquarter [in Tehran], and arresting the campaign chairman and its active members, which disrupted our work for collecting information and documents on the violations of the election law.

The letters continues to insist that the aforementioned violations of the election laws cannot be remedied by a partial recounting of the votes. It also casts doubt on whether the special committee can, in fact, be trusted:

All the above items indicate the existence of prior planning and organization for violating the election law. Since the Guardian Council has already stated that investigating some of the violations is beyond its authority, and because some of the violations were committed by the Interior Minister [Sadegh Mahsouli], other senior officials in the Ministry, and some members of the Guardian Council who violated the principle of neutrality, an impartial investigation of the violations cannot be done by the Guardian Council, as well as any committee that is appointed by the Council. Indeed, some members of the committee were not neutral in the elections, and have stated their positions before the investigation has been conducted and, therefore, cannot contribute to removing the public's doubts about the elections.

Therefore, I [Mr. Mousavi] insist once again that the best way of addressing the issue and regaining the nation's trust in the election process is by annulling the election and appointing a national adjudicating team that can be trusted by the public and its verdict can be accepted by it. Thus, I suggest that the issue should be referred to an independent legal team trusted by all the candidates and the religious leaders.

The special committee that the Guardian Council has formed consists of former Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati; former speaker of the Majles (parliament) Gholamali Haddad Aadel; Chief Justice [and former Minister of Intelligence] Ghorbanali Dorri Najafabadi; Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi, a conservative Majles deputy and a deputy Speaker; Mohammad Hassan Rahimiyan, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's special representative in the Shahid [martyr] Foundation; and Goudarz Eftekhar Jahromi, a legal scholar, university professor, and former member of the Guardian Council. Of these, Dr. Valayati has criticized Mr. Mousavi for calling for the annulment of the election. Mr. Haddad Aadel [whose daughter is married to a son of Ayatollah Khamenei] supported the candidacy of Mr. Ahmadinejad for a second term, and Mr. Rahimiyan has stated that, "those who could not get people's votes [meaning Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Mahdi Karroubi, the second reformist candidate], instead of pursuing the matter through legal channels, resorted to alternative ways that have only made our enemies happy," hence stating his opposition to mass demonstrations against the rigged elections.

It should also be noted that Mr. Karroubi has stated that, in order for his representative to participate in the work of the special committee, two members of the committee who are not considered neutral must be replaced by others, but has not specified which two.

Copyright (c) 2009 Tehran Bureau

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Give the people an election with the integrity of counting all the votes accurately and the leader they chose. They are entitled to demonstrate peaceably and not be subject to assault and intimidation by agents of their government such as the Basiji and the guard. The brutal suppression of the people's rights illustrate how government power is being abused to perpetrate crimes on the people.

neil / June 28, 2009 12:41 AM

Well written. Good Luck. Stay firm. We support you!

david pollack / June 28, 2009 12:54 AM

Kind of strange to imagine a hostile military coup could be stopped by jurisprudence. If it can, I'll be absolutely amazed, and see it as a sign our world is really changing for the better.

Brandon / June 28, 2009 2:08 AM

Almost all objections raised by Mr. Mousvi seem to be before election but we didn't see any such thing on media. crying after election is above understanding and hints some links with foreign elements to destablise regime as Obama now openly favored Mousvi on 26th June

Abbas / June 28, 2009 6:46 AM

what do you say about death of Neda. As bulet found from her head was not any govt. gun, so don't you htink some external elements are playing to divide Irani nation. Also 8 security official were also killed and further media is not exposing those wo tried to attache millitary installations ans govt. building. its unfair to portray one sided story

Abbas / June 28, 2009 6:57 AM

The world is watching and is shocked by the Iranian government's treatment of its own people. A disputed election doesn't count for much and will inevitably lead to a backlash. Just look at Florida 2000.

George Ellis / June 28, 2009 9:14 AM

no proper election, no working democracy, no freedom of thought and voice and no integrity : iran it's timle for you to unveil and uncover the truth, by a l l m e a n s, the world supports you.

lucas myndeck / June 28, 2009 9:15 AM

Abbas, you're insane.

George, 2000 was disputed simply because it was very close, but was resolved peacefully and fairly. Not sure what backlash you're referring to, as Bush won with an even higher margin in 2004.

John / June 28, 2009 9:46 AM

Abbas, its people like you that allow tyrants to perpetrate their deeds of violence and oppression. Please open your eyes.

john r / June 28, 2009 10:03 AM

stand by me

matoko / June 28, 2009 3:09 PM

Abbas, you need to ask yourself: does it make sense that foreign elements are behind the protests? What do they have to gain? Moussavi was a part of the 1979 revolution that ousted foreign elements in the first place, why would these same "foreign elements" align themselves with someone who fought against them in the past? Do the "official" election results seem reasonable to you? That the current Iranian president captured 60-70% of the vote, with no variation across region or age group? That millions of votes were counted in a matter of hours? That normal procedures didn't need to go into affect? From an outside perspective, it seems very suspect. And the response of the Iranian government to protestors seems even more suspect. If they had so much support, why would they try to stop protestors? They are acting as though they are guilty. It seems that some Iranian people can be easily manipulated by their xenophobia and fear of "foreign elements" (the Iranian people are not alone in this tendency. In fact, xenophobia is actually quite universal. So, it is no surprise that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei are using it to shore up support). I ask you, Abbas, to refrain from a conviction based on emotion. Please use logic and reason. Take a step back and think.

J.J. / June 28, 2009 5:30 PM

I saw this video of this poem read out by a young Iranian woman, & I took the words, you may have seen/heard it before, but how many times you do, you wonder what's their suffering for.Why is there not one brave Arab Leader out-side that now "Hell-hole" that will not say, "Enough's, Enough. If it were a cartoon scene from the "West" they'd be all running, "Amok" But when it's real & in their own backyard, they don't even utter, "Tut, Tut". But I'll tell you this much if there's a God, any God then these "Satan's on Earth" will be shown the door/gates to "Hell"!

"Poem from an Iranian Rooftop"

Friday the 19th of June 2009

Tomorrow, Saturday,

Tomorrow is a day of destiny

Tonight, the cries of Allah-o- Akbar

Are heard louder & louder than the nights before

Where is this place?

Where is this place where every door is closed?

Where is this place where people are simply calling God?

Where is this place where the sound of Allah-o-Akbar gets louder & louder

I wait every night to see will the sounds will get louder

& whether the number increases, it shakes me

I wonder if God is shaken?

Where is this place where so many innocent people are entrapped?(Tears start here)

Where is this place where no-one comes to our aid?

Where is this place where only with our silence

We are sending our voices to the world?

Where is this place where the young shed blood

And then people go and pray?

Standing on the same blood & pray...

Where is this place where the citizens

Are called vagrants?

Where is this place? You want me to tell you?

This place is Iran

The homeland of you and me

This place is Iran.

RIP. To all the victims, so far...& from me a message to God, "Wake Up"!

v.gerrard / June 28, 2009 5:46 PM

If there are foreign elements, it would make much more sense for Ahmadinejad to be secretly supported by Israel (even without his knowledge). Afterall, Ahmadinejad is causing Iran's government to loose credibility with the world and he is basically handing over tons of political capital to Israel. Moussavi would have been much more of a complication to Israel, because in striking a conciliatory note towards the West, it would be much harder to generate support for any military or economic action against Iran.

J.J. / June 28, 2009 5:47 PM

JJ.Its all propaganda of CNN, BBC, Time, New York Time.

What do you say when Saudi forces entered Masjad-e-Nabvi and killed many Shias just couple of months before. and you know Shias in KSa are being deprived of basic human rights. If you get chance to visit any such street in Madina, where Shias are living, you will not find even street light. Why dones not America speak against Kings.

Where do you stand when recently Israiel killed inoccent Palestinian kids.

I would say its foreign element as Obama categorically named Mir Hussein Mousvi two days baefore thus fueling disturbance

Abbas / June 28, 2009 11:09 PM

Irani nation should follow the advise of Great Supreme Leader Syed Ali Khamenie, in this way they can kick out America and Zoinst agent..

Long live Great Rehbar Ayatullah Khamenei..

shaab / June 29, 2009 12:14 AM

Agreed with Abbas. Video tape shows involvment of UK's embassy staff in provoking protests. Its quite possible that such people might have killed Neda.

Rahim / June 29, 2009 2:39 AM

If Mousavi have no confidence on Election system, why did he participated then, if he has some complaints he should put it in the GC with proofs. Election office said, none of the candidates provided rigging evidences. Why is Mousavi crying then, if he has no proof?

A.A / June 29, 2009 4:24 AM

i think world should respect the turn out at elections.and let the supreme leader of Iran resolve the issue.the americans and thier allies are taking keen interest just to gain a place in iranians heart.what is happening in palestine is a dangerous thing they should stop that to have respect of muslims.by and large they have their on goals as super power.being an independent citizen i pay respect to the decision which has been annouced.americans are terrorist themselves they should reveiw their policies as it comes towards the muslims.

they are in need of support from saudi arabia to attack iran .we should think only about ourself.who has given u.s this power to interfair in every contries affairs.being human we should respect eveyones dignity and stop ourselves from supporting evil

Salman Haider / June 29, 2009 7:00 AM

This is the time for mutual co-operation for strengthening of Islamic governoment in Iran instead of blaming to each other. This is what exactly hapening in Iran after recent election anti Islamic governoment forces want , Iran governoment was sambol of justice which was not acceptable to these forces.

It is humbaly request to opposition parties to accept results and follow our Rehbar decision and co-operate existing governoment. Our good wishes and prayes with this governoment for better rule of justice and to become second nuclear Islamic Governoment.

Asif Hussain / June 29, 2009 7:37 AM

I totally disagree with all the hardliners here. Do not blame others for your ignorance. Let it be said what causes all these troubles in Iran are such people like you - all puppets of this Islamic government.

Free Iran!

shetty / June 29, 2009 8:02 AM

Dear All Can anyone tell me why America is taking keen interest in this issue. Doesn't it has its own issues, for what he is trying to be a Sooooo Called helping Hand.

Why we dont think , Why America always tried to involve in such cases that resulted in against of Muslim's Dignity and prosperity.

The Lobby is playing its role and now its "THE IRAN'S TURN" as we already seen in Iraq , Palestine and Afghanistan.

Mousvi is acting for America not for Iranian's prosperity. I strongly Condemned Mousvi's action plan because he is trying to break the muslim unity and faith.

WE LOVE IRAN & Salute AHMEDINEJAD's courage , commitment, honesty for Iranianz.




Syed / June 29, 2009 2:17 PM

How many divisions does Mousavi command? Without the ability to demand respect he's only a roaring mouse. In America, outspoken educated Muslim women can live free of fear from government sponsored violence, when they can in Tehran you can speak of America's animus toward Muslims.

Richard Kadas / June 29, 2009 5:20 PM

Abbas is another one of these fake posters, iran government employees beign paid to spread the "truth": their messages will always include:

How could 11 million vote difference be disputed

Neda was shot by protestors

Election was fair


Amin / June 29, 2009 10:17 PM

Have all forgtten daisy cutter bombs used by America in Iraq?

Why is America silent over Kashmir. On previous Friday, it was protest call and all important leaders were detained. Dis Time, NYT,CNN,BBC raise this issue?

What do human rigths champions say about GITMO?

America has killed hundreds of innocent (and common) persons in Afghanistan, where is MEDIA?

Did you forget what American soldiers did in Iraq when they killed people in mosques. What America doing with Pakistani national Aafia Siddique.

It does not look nice to utter peace words from such KILLER...

is it only reason that Iran may become 2nd nuclear state and US/west putting all its efforts to destabilize Iran anD unfortunatley Irani's opposition is strengthening designs of west/US

Rahim / June 29, 2009 11:22 PM


Iran is already a free state. They are free in makisng decisions at their own and refuse taking dictation from west/US in contrast with other mulsim countries like KSA, Jordan etc. What is the reason US/west are after this sovereign nation.

Can you put your weigth to get free Palestine (from Israel), Iraq/Afghanistan/South Korea (from US), Kashmir (from India)and to some extent Pakistan which is under extreme influence of US. What US forces are doing in KSA? Is KSA not a free country ?

Abbas / June 30, 2009 2:15 AM

"Divide and rule" is a very old Western startegy, which, after 30 yrs of failed attempts to destablize the Anti West Govt, is being implemented in Iran at it is fullest these days. I hope the Iranian public understands.

Ali / June 30, 2009 5:49 AM


How can you say Iran is a free state? Oh yes, your government make decisions even if they are malicious, inhuman, uncivilized, and malevolent.

I just can't think of a better word to describe your government. I am sorry.

But to all the young people of Iran, may God be with you throughout your journey to true DEMOCRACY.

shetty / June 30, 2009 9:09 AM

West backed re-vote option because they could get chnace of voilation during election rallies and based upon that they could make hue and cry for human rights leading to deepen division among Irani nation.As Mousivi didn't appear before Guardin Council to address his grievances, west/US now MUST refrain to further raise objecitonS over election process.

These ugly western forces were wishing that perhaps Hashmi Rafansnaji might do something favorable to west/US. Western/US media fabricated stories of Hashmi plotting against Supreme Leader. But he also has endorsed election process, thus disappointing western wishes.

Irani nation, we salute you that you once again stood firm against designs of west/US.

Rahim / June 30, 2009 9:19 AM


Whats your opinin is US Govt not inhuman? Why they favored Israel when inocent kids were being killed through Phosphorous bombs in Ghaza. Was it human when Saddam killed thousands of Kurds/Shia by using chemical weapons? Was it human to train and develop terrorists like Osama and other so called Mujahidin who in Pakistan are killing innocent Pakistanis.

You guys are only exploiting Neda's killing, these US-trained people in Pakistan are playing with future of thousands of girls like Neda (by destroying girls schools in one of province of Pakistan). Can you deny are these monsters not creature of US during so called Afghan Jihad.

Also, you didn't mention when "CIVILIZED" US Govt. will free those detained at GITMO. When will they free Iraq,Afghanistan,South Korea,KSA and ask Israel/India to stop suppressing Palestinians/Kashmirs?

Has "CIVILIZED" America stepped down from Bush's efforts (as he got special budget approved) to destabilize a prospect nuclear Muslim country

Abbas / June 30, 2009 11:34 AM

According to Iran election rules and protocol, each of the election stations had a monitor for the candidate's involved, not one of these monitors (Mousavi) reported voting irregularity (during) the election.
Weeks before this election a number of US agencies did a poll in Iran, these each projected the same result that Ahmadinejad would win election by a large margin.
Mir Mousavi was asked to appear before the Election Commission with a written report concerning voting irregularity and (any) proof supporting his charges. Mousavi refused to even appear (with validation of his charges) now claiming the entire government was involved in the vote fixing. Were any of his charges valid, there would be hundereds and perhaps thousands of witnesses, not one to date has been able to prove any conspiracy this large exists.
A conspiracy that does have validation, is the US "National Endowment for the Democracies" used covertly to destabelize gov's and elections around the world, was being used (in) Iran before the elections.

DeWayne / August 24, 2010 4:13 AM