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Snippets from Voters

12 Jun 2009 14:492 Comments

*** This will be updated throughout the day.

I just received three pieces of news from good sources in Tehran:

1. Mousavi's vote was 21 million more than AN.

2. Mousavi was arrested by Vezaarat Etelaa't on his way to see Khamanei

(in the middle of the night).

3. Sepaah's high command had convinced Khamanei that this is a coup by the reformists.

From Tehran:

Link to Mousavi's press conference (audio) http://www.mediafire.com/?lz2zzd2jnww

A few minutes ago, Mousavi arrived at the Ministry of Interior Affairs

From NY: The vote fraud is apparently not just in Iran. Apparently there is serious confusion in the least, and potential fraud at worst, here in the U.S.

The problem centers around the box on left side of the ballot and directly across from the box to fill in the candidate's name. There were no instructions, but simply the vague instructions above the box to enter the "code." When one person in line asked, the person at the polling station told her not to worry and leave it blank. In San Francisco, people whom we know report that they were told to enter the code "4" for Mousavi. However, what I hear from Iran (after voting here in NYC) is that Ahmadi-Nejad's code was "44" and Mousavi's was "77."

Can someone shed some light on this code issue? There was no instructions to fill in the code, nor a table listing a code next to a candidate's name -- at least here in NYC.

Tehran voter says: FB Mousavi supporters are expressing outrage at this news update: TEHRAN, June 13, 2009 (AFP) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has taken a strong lead in his bid to be re-elected as Iran's president,

chalking up 67.07 percent of Friday's vote with nearly half the

ballot boxes counted, the elections chief said.

On his official Twitter account, Karbaschi says they are at the Beyt talking to Rahbar [Supreme Leader] now: http://twitter.com/gkarbaschi

Reports from Iran indicate fraud at a vast scale, and also Sepaah being on high alerts. This is not encouraging.

Photos from the scuffle at Mousavi headquarters in North Tehran (Ghaytariyeh neighborhood) earlier today: http://www.khosoof.com/archive/482.php

Tehran: There is a flaw in these numbers [See IRNA #s below]... if 5m is 20% of the vote, it means that turn-out has been 54% ... this simply can't be... guardian council said the turn-out was at least 70%

IRNA claims with 20% of all votes counted, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leads the race. IR's official Iran news agency, has declared Ahmadinejad the winner of the election.

With 20% of the votes counted, these are the supposed results:

Ahmadinejad: 69%

Mousavi: 28%

Rezaie: 2%

Karrubi: 1%

Tehran: niruye entezami has announced "police maneuvers" all thru-out tehran tmrw.

iranelection no reason to trust state media at this stage. Zarghami is Ahamdinejad appointment.

Mousavi has called emergency press conference to dispute IRNA claims of Ahmadinejad victory. 11 pm: Africa Street/Taheri; No. 76, Suite #1

From reformists campaign HQ: Things back to normal.. no one from the campaign arrested...

From Tehran: for the first time, BBC WORLD SERVICE site has been blocked!! and sms network is down.

From Tehran: they have blocked BBC& CNN on hotbird satellite -- so ppl cant see the reports !!!

9:50 p.m. Tehran time: people still going to polls.. started raining in Tehran...

4 years ago many Iranians did not vote and let a 17 M minority choose a president for the 70 M majority. Today we are going to correct that mistake and the world is watching us. I am proud of my people and am sure that WE WILL MAKE HISTORY. AHAMDI BYE BYEEEEE

Reformists campaign HQ supporting Mousavi was just closed down by the government.... everybody was forced out.... all websites supporting mousavi (except Kalemeh.ir so far) blocked... their buildings were officially closed /lead sealed

Very high turn-out, angry pressure groups starting violence, .... I AM STARTING TO FEEL MOUSAVI IS WINNING IN THE FIRST ROUND.... stay tuned...

Ghalam News, Mousavi's site, filtered. Now posting here: http://ghalamnewsmirror.blogspot.com/

Reformists campaign headquarters in North of Tehran just attacked by pressure groups... they used tear gas, broke TV set and windows... spread the word as much as you can... our communication tools are all blocked.

From Sweden

I live in Sweden and I just came back from voting too! I would never guess so many people would show up! We voted and so did every Iranie azadeh!! Although there were round 6 or seven people who were against the regime and were protesting to every single peoson who came out of the houze! They called us bad names and tried to attack us when we waved for them (:P) but police stoped them ... We wait for a better tomorrow with "Doulate Omid"!

From Tehran

Today temperature in Tehran rise to 90 F (32'C), warmer than all days before, and yet people were and are standing long lines in shade and under blazing sun. It is an odd image of Tehran: quiet streets, deserted shopping centers and yet crowded mosques, high schools, schools and colleges. It is election day. An unprecedented number of voters are casting their vote today.

I went to stations in Vanak and Yousef Abad, both in North of Center and North parts of Tehran, where fixed income middle class families mingle with high income households. The stations were and are packed with lines coming out of the building and going around the corner. The individuals waiting in them are from all walks of life, there are Chador wearing women, young ladies wearing the latest fashion and make up, there are old people walking with cane and there are young students with their notes and textbooks in their hands, it is a long wait. One voted told me he and his sister waited for 2 hours and half to cast their votes. There is an air of a united people present that makes one feel romantic.

I voted in Al-Zahra University station in Vanak Village, it took me 45 minutes waiting time. Most people around me were voting for Mr. Mousavi. They were chatting politics while their kids and children were playing in compound. Many were waiting in shade, since the sunshine was rather strong. Some were worried, since there was no representative of Mr. Mousavi campaign present there, the only representative present was from Mr. Ahmadinejad's campaign. This upset many, a young lady in a black chador was calling a friend to say that she would rather go to Bahaerstan, a location south of central Tehran in Old Tehran to cast her vote. But many chose to stay, the representative's presence is significant in counting the vote.

I gave my birthcertificate to the officer at the desk, wrote down the name of the candidate with his code from the ministry of interior information sheet and cast my vote. Leaving the station I noticed more people are arriving to vote. I just noticed there was no separate line for men and women, we all voted together.

The outcome is not certain yet, but it is certain that last week marches and debates have increased the participation to a new level. On Facebook, most of my friends are voting and they are on their way to vote. Some people are complaining that why more than a few are voting for Mousavi and not for Karroubi, although they approve of him. Those who did so, argue that winning in the first round is way more important than going to an uncertain second round. Although with number present today, one wonders if this is going to be a landslide. That is not unlikely. | Bazar Dispatch

From Tehran:

I noticed that i can't send txt messages and the last txt I had received was sent late hours of wednesday. i asked other friends and obviously text messaging system does not work,...although there is no rule as txt message being part of campaign...it has stopped as the campaign stopped!I receive this message on my cell "message not sent, try again later"

From Ghalam News: 80 percent of votes outside of Iran cast for Mousavi.

From Isfahan:

Well I am just back from the vote, the turn out is unbelievable, despite the hot weather there are long lines which extend out of the mosques and schools. one might say people are exercising democracy.

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I Drove Africa blvd. today morning and it looked like "bussines as usual" no green anywhere visible and few 4-5 ppl groups of police. Friend told me that Vali-e-Asr is blocked by cars (16.00 Local Time) cause people are gathering in Vanak with intention to move south. Otherwise no reaction for this mockery that regime did with results.

david / June 13, 2009 9:01 AM

17.30 LT 20+ vehicles full of head to toes armoured riot policemen are moving up Vali -e Asr north and south. Looks like they very well knew what is going to happen after anouncement of "results". Its not going to look nice after dusk.

david / June 13, 2009 9:19 AM