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Sunday Iran Alerts

14 Jun 2009 10:248 Comments
From Tehran: you have no idea what is going on right now! Im in Zafaranieh (Pesyan) and I can hear the uproar from Valiasr -- honking and shouting and chanting ...

Also from my balcony facing north into the mountains, people are on their rooftops shouting "marg bar diktator" and "allaho akbar" ["Death to the Dictator!" and "God is Great!"]

total re-enactment of '57 !!!!!!

the press is saying "tehran was calm today" -- not so. it was in the daytime but since 5pm things have heated up. i've talked to friends in different neighborhoods; in Sa'adat Abad and Yousef Abad and Zafar -- all over it is "ghogha." My mom also was in Parkway two hours ago (its 9:30 pm) and there were mass demos and people handing out Mousavi's latest bayanieh as fliers ... and tear gas and attacks by "truckfuls" of Guard-e Vije ...

Mousavi reportedly was granted a mojaves for the march tmrw, so it should hopefully be legit and safe.

From Iranian American: I can confirm that the city of Gorgan where my grand mother live, there have been clashes between the police and the people on proportions similar to Tehran.

I also talked to a friend in Karaj. He lives in Pakdasht a suburb of Karaj and he confirmed that the town is out of the control of the police. His sister-in-law lives in Qom and she confirmed that there were clashes between the police and people around Musavi's campaign headquarter in Qom.

From Isfahan, where there was a massive crackdown on a university dormitory (along with arrests):
I am safe, yet in desperate need for sleep. Not only did they steal the vote but they are rubbing it in our faces, Ahmadinejad is holding "Thank You Ceremonies"!!! all over the country, they are giving away ice cream and cakes...Isfahan is almost quiet today, but in Tehran & Ahwaz unrest continues, the people have devised a clever method of hit & run, although I am against destruction and anarchy, but that's the only way left to voice an opposition. The protests have become localized, in the neighborhoods small contingents of protestors gather, chant, throw stones and before the police can react they retreat to their houses only to emerge when the police is gone. In response security forces have deployed thousands of motor riding forces, one drives the other one slings his club right & left, a sort of quick response task force. Today I witnessed a motorcade of at least 30 of such odd couples!!!!

you know the worst thing about all of this is that now there is no refuge left for the people, if someone from within the government does any wrong doing, there will be no higher authority to go to, if you are beaten up, and want to press charges, they will imprison you instead.

I am very angry at myself for being fooled so easily, they got us to vote, which gave them legitimacy, and then they manipulated the results, many are vowing never to vote again.

I ask myself...what's next?...what worse can happen?...there are rumors circulating that they are going after "mamjma'e tashkhis e maslehat" next...

The other unfortunate thing is that the rift and division in the society is becoming ever so evident, unconsciously we label everyone who supports Ahmadinejad, as an enemy, as a foe...(as they have always regarded us so...)

hum.........well I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something new....right now it seems you have easier access to the news than we do!

the least the west can do is to refuse to recognize Ahmadinejad's government...with this government they won't be gaining anything from the negotiations anyway so at least they should halt them all together and thus make a statement.........

take care..

Just in:
they're getting calls from tehran saying that the kids there are in bad shape

11:38 AM

az metro mardom daran miyan balah [people are trying to come out of the metro station]..............the police are blocking them form leaving the metro station and beating them to keep them inside

11:38 AM

theyve created roadblocks in Motehari vah Ghaemmagham with huge cement sturcutures

11:39 AM

in Kooyeh Daneshgah vah joloyeh Vezareteh Keshvar protests massive. they are beating people massive

11:39 AM

all sms are down. facebook is down. only a few that have the codes

11:39 AM

Just in from Tehran (9:32 am EST) Zahra Rahnavard gave a speech at Tehran University today, Sunday, June 14. To a large audience of students, Ms. Rahnavard announced the latest official statement issued by Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has pledged he will not back down from contesting the fraudulent 22 Khordad election results.

Mousavi calls on all Reformist supporters to take part in a PEACEFUL MARCH & MASS DEMONSTRATION in 20 cities across Iran on Monday, June 15 (doshanbeh, 25 Khordad) at 17:00 to denounce the election results as fraud. He has applied for a license to protect the safety of protestors.

The Tehran location is Valiasr Avenue, from Valiasr Square to Tajrish Square. The locations in other cities are listed below.

Mousavi has also called for a NATIONAL STRIKE on Tuesday, June 16 (Khordad 26) and asked all those who contest the results to close their shops, businesses, etc. and for employees to not go to work that day.

Communication is critical to success for a large turnout, so please forward this to every Iranian you know. The statement is verified on Ghalam News (ghalamnews.ir), the official site of the Mousavi campaign (site rasmi setad).


-- Ghalamnews, Mousavi's official setad site, has officially confirmed the march along Valiasr tomorrow (Monday) and a national strike on Tuesday. PLEASE FWD THIS NEWS TO ALL. Also, pls post on Facebook - it is blocked, but many can bypass filter and access it.

-- There is another rumor going around that the basij has stationed SNIPERS on valiasr ... this may be a scare tactic rumor, but it is not unlikely ... which makes things so much more deadly. This should also be warned so people see how brutal the regime is prepared to be - worse than the Shah's army.


From Iran: I am sending you this email using the painstakingly slow internet connection of the hospital. It has been a terrible two days, I feel sad and destitude. The election results although expected crushed the last crumb of hope I had for a prosperous and progressive Iran. I havent slept for 48 hours now, on friday night from the agony of election results and last night from the constant flow of the patients. What is more devastating are the events that followed. In XXX, the Basij militia and security forces were out for a show of force or for vangeance or both. they attacked young people unprovoked, we had many patients, most of them innocent bystanders who had sustained injuries either from tear gas or bats and clubs. It's like overnight the attitude of tolerance vaporized and an era of teror and fear began.

In tehran things were worse, I have first witness accounts of 3 deaths, the capital was in curfew last night, shops were closed, litter cans were set on fire, and basij and security forces had fought for hours to subdue the people. My friends who work in the tehran hospitals said the number of injured was staggering. they even shutdown mobile phone services in the capital last night.

Protests abroad, schedule here:
Dear staff at BBC/VOA Persian:

You are the only means of mass communication left to Iranians in the absence of sms/mobile/Facebook networks and the arrests of Reformist leaders.

The Islamic Republic has never been so exposed/vulnerable - nor ever so terrorizing as a police state as now, in the aftermath of the 22 Khordad coup d'etat - which is what this election effectively was.

People are enraged right now and ready to take to the streets, but they lack organization and leadership. In small numbers, they will be easily dispersed, beaten, jailed, and even killed (there were such instances yesterday, Saturday). But if they know where to gather, they can form a large body that can prevent the Basij thugs from penetrating the protest.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. Quite simply, Valiasr Avenue is the artery of Tehran, and Tehran the heartbeat of Iran. The centerpoint of Valiasr is Vanak Square: if people KNOW to gather there everyday at 5pm, then mass numbers can begin moving north & south to Valiasr Sq. on one end and Tajrish on the other. There is heavy traffic at that hour, so cars will block the Basij motorbikes. It is daylight so it is safer - and the foreign press can take footage so news agencies can broadcast the truth of the election fraud and the people's reaction/opposition to it. Perhaps the international community will declare the vote results invalid and not recognize Ahmadinejad's presidency.

BUT WE NEED A MASS COMMUNICATION OUTREACH. Millions of households watch your stations. Understandably, you cannot directly promote the NEHZAT-E SABZ cause due to impartialiy. But, perhaps you can READ THIS EMAIL (in Farsi) on air (more than once, several times if possible) on your programs as a message from your audience. YOU CAN BE A MAJOR HELP in keeping this movement alive in these crucial next days, Sunday, today, and Monday onward. YOU CAN HELP US RECLAIM OUR RIGHT, and SAVE IRAN FROM A HORRIFIC FATE.

Otherwise - all is lost. Ahmadinejad may become a Chavez-style "indefinately reelected" president, and the military-intelligence capacity will increase so that no Iranian lives without fear. Depression and addiction will rise, the youth will become disillusioned and hopeless, and the economy will get worse. All opposition will be silenced (and many who worked for Mr. Mousavi may even be murdered like ghatl-haye zanjirei) and the atmosphere will be totalitarian, worse than North Korea.

As an Iranian to an Iranian, please do not allow this to happen. Without breaking your editorial rules, please help get the word out to BOOST MORALE - for everyone has fear struck in their heart right now and needs encouragement - and to HELP MOBILIZE people eager to stage protests but lost as to where & when & how.

Please read the suggestion put forth: VANAK SQ, mass turnout, to GO UP & DOWN VALIASR, wearing green/white apparel to show unity of the Reformists and the true vote the majority cast, and that NUMBERS ARE OUR ONLY PROTECTION against violence, so people should tell everyone they know via email & telephone and not be afraid to come out into the street at the appointed time & place.

I hope you will heed this call to help us free Iran from a dark future.

With thanks,

a compatriot


PLEASE FWD TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!








Dear Iranians abroad,
This is a quick reply to several requests I received from friends demanding a status update from the situation in Tehran.
You've probably heard about last nights riots from international news. Khodarashokr BBC, Aljazera, Euro news, France24, CNN and many others enlightened the world about the fact that the "Hozoore Por Shoore Mardomi" had nothing to do with re-election of Ahmadinejad. This I guess was pretty obvious seeing the video clips taken from/by the protestors in Tehran.
Currently we are dealing with a major communication black-out as most means of communication are blocked. Text messaging (SMS) has been blocked right after the election deadline followed by blockage of Facebook, You tube, BBC Persian site and all pro reform weblogs and websites. The main mobile network was also shut down from yesterday afternoon untill this morning. The only channel to communicate is the landline and some e-mail sites which are still operating (with some difficulties).
Mousavis newpaper "Kalemeh Sabz" which was well received by the pro reform crowd has also been shut down, yet underground copies of what is said to be the latest issue is being distributed (see the third attachment).
Things appear to be more calm this morning, but tension is in the air. Due to communication blockage it's hard to get a picture of what's really going on, what's for sure is that there is serious restrictions on the reformist candidates as there have been no public appereances and official statement from them, since all hell broke loose yesterday afternoon.
Some of the key opposition leaders are said to be arrested during a meeting yesterday and the remaining are trying to unite and coordinate protestors by e-mails which are being distributed all over the city and also by word of mouth. However these haven't been very efficient and people are starting to get confused as these bulletins sometimes contradict each other and the authenticity is sometimes doubted.
There are sometimes major differences of opinions as well. Makhmalbaf for instance is said to have distributed some theory about a coup detat orchestrated by Ahmadinejad, and calling the leader's announcement on approval of the election a fraud!
Today afternoon:
In parallel to the celebration of Ahmadinejad's supporters, reformists are requesting for a silent protest in the Vali-e-asr avenue waving white and green ribbons. There is also talks for a global strike on the upcoming Tuesday. I think that the turn out will be dramatic if these invitations are confirmed by one of the reformist candidates or even by Rafsanjani which has been absent since his letter to the leader.We'll have to wait and see.
That's all for now.
Let's pray for the future of our country and the well being of our people in the streets.
Sunday,24th of Khordad
(My friend) was in his car on Jordaan. Basij approached him and said he didn't belive in Khamenei. He said he did and he was a normal guy living in Iran. Then he ran. They smashed his head open and left him unconcsious on the street. A resident found him and took him in. He was in hosptial but just got released.
From a friend via email: He issued an official statement saying dont do anything today -- but called for a massive demo tomorrow from Valiasr Sq to Tajrish It was crazy last night. Ruzbeh was jailed, Siavash was tazored and beaten, Ali too, (all in separate areas). At 11 pm we went to Parkway, a lot of people were out ... they broke all the gov. bank windows, took down lampposts, made burning barricades ... and they killed two basijis! ... it was so surreal ... THEN.. ... THEY came (30, 40 basijis on motorbikes, with these spiky things they were swinging ...) and chased everyone ... stampede-style mass panic ... it was like pamplona running of the bulls ... girls screaming ........
South/Central Iran: The internet is slow everwhere! perhaps it is an attemot to restrict the information flow, many sites are filtered, tehran bureau, facebook, bbcnews, youtube, webneveshteha, aftab are among them..... Bazaar is closed today..... there is a new slogan "Ahmadie pinoche Iran chile nemishe.." ....as I have heard many prominent reformists have been arrested... they are holding the country hostage...
Sunday...500-600 of students gather at south gate of school, main enterance, to voice their objections to results. They chant Allah o Akbar, Mousavi- Karroubi get back my vote, death to dictator, death to liar. riot police are standing outside and many people are watching the affair, i saw a middle age woman carrying a sign saying "mousavi ray e man o pas begir" stopped to argue with an officer, no violence so far...
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gun fire heard outside train station. rapid busts. i hear woman scream.

raj / June 14, 2009 1:16 PM

Yes, please help Mousavi come into power or a terrible terrible fate awaits Iran. Who is behind this campaign to destabilize Iran? In which country are demonstrators that burn buses and shops given a kiss? Is this the realization of Mr. Rafsanjani's threat regarding the cessation of investigation into his corruption?

observer / June 14, 2009 1:59 PM

The story has just began to repeat itself again..the western countries, especially the US, Russian, etc are watching motionless, impassives the rise of a dictator that uses the same repressive military forces and police as Hitler did with the SS in restraining,deleting and killing anyone who dares to oppose their totalitarian and warlike regime. We are attending to the rise of a new Hitler that will spread the seeds of hate and war throughout the world..the islamic nations will support him as well as the fascist states supported Hitler during the thirties in the last century and yet the world has not got balls to put into a halt to this mad and cruel tyrant...now it is time to act in order to avoid the Third World War that this nazi tyrant will provoke sooner or later.

Mehdi / June 16, 2009 11:08 AM


who's gonna hear our voice huh????????????

Ida / June 16, 2009 12:55 PM

Its a sad day in Iran when a thief can divide Iranians.

If you are going to protest why are you breaking windows and smashing cars? Are you Iranians or are you foreigners? If you love Iran why are you destroying Iran?

Ali / June 16, 2009 10:52 PM

Blogger above says he's angry that he voted and will never do so again. Please realize that it was your vote that has helped cause the current outcry and attempt to change the system. Your vote is important, even when it is snuffed out. The world supports you!!

marco / June 17, 2009 4:29 PM

The people of Iran are getting what they deserve.

You wanted to kill the Jews, now you are killing each other

You wanted to kill Americans. Hopefully we will not interfere so you won't have a chance

dennis / June 21, 2009 11:00 AM

Kudos. Folks are with you in mind and prayer.

Hope DEmocracy prevails...

Jayesh Kumar / June 21, 2009 7:25 PM